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  1. audio description 5

    ‘An amazing improvement’: How audio description helps the vision-impaired enjoy live theatre

    Next year, the Singapore Repertory Theatre will be the first theatre in Singapore to have audio description in their shows - a service that will ...
  2. jim bek 5

    ‘I was blacking out, asking for help, people ignored me’: The blind Singaporean fighting ‘prejudice’ against the disabled

    Jim Bek lost half his sight as a toddler, lost nearly all his sight as an adult, then lost his job and his wife - but rose above it all to become ...
  3. Team Tactile 1

    Envisioning a text-to-Braille translator device for under $100

    Six engineering students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are working on a text-to-Braille device prototype that it hopes will be ...
  4. special needs 2

    Living life to the fullest: University students with special needs

    Amid the nationwide push to be a more inclusive society, local varsities are ramping up their support for students with special needs.
  5. PIDS 1

    LTA trials new information display system for buses

    The trial involves the testing of a new LCD panel, which displays information like the bus service number, current and upcoming bus stops, and the ...
  6. Joe Tan and Siva Shanker blindfolded half-marathon 6

    Best foot forward: Why 2 men are running Standard Chartered Marathon blindfolded

    Joe Tan and Siva Shanker will run the 21km half marathon blindfolded, with the goal of raising funds for the visually impaired.
  7. (pp) Blind teacher 1

    Cambodian teacher lights up world for blind students

    Phalla Neang is the first teacher of the blind in Cambodia and the pioneer of Khmer Braille. Throughout her life, she has been fighting to show ...