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  1. A view of Singapore's central business district.

    Commentary: Use the right lamp to light the way forward on inequality

    Oxfam’s Commitment to Reducing Inequality is a poor framework by which we should judge how well Singapore is doing on combating inequality, says ...
  2. Facial recognition technology set to debut at 2020 Tokyo Olympics | Video
    Media playtime

    Facial recognition technology set to debut at 2020 Tokyo Olympics | Video

    Athletes, staff, volunteers and media will have their identities verified via a face scan to prevent unauthorised entry to venues at the Tokyo ...
  3. assisi hospice volunteer

    The volunteers at Assisi Hospice: Feeding, sponging and changing diapers are all in a day's work

    At Assisi Hospice, volunteers don’t just befriend and talk to patients, but also help out in basic nursing tasks like sponging patients or ...
  4. (rs) mij hub 14

    Son needed a special school, so they set up one for youths like him

    She gave up her a corporate career and learnt how to be a special needs educator. Now she and her husband provide a safe place for some 200 Muslim ...
  5. yv dialects sarah xing

    More young Singaporeans signing up for dialect classes

    Demand for lessons has shot up in the last two to three years, from those who want to connect with the elderly or their own roots
  6. New Content Item

    CDCs must continue to be bridge between residents and Government: PM Lee

    The five Community Development Councils can play a role in coming up with new ideas to tackle urgent issues and national priorities like worker ...
  7. Vietnam homeless main

    These angels bring warmth into the lives of Hanoi’s homeless elderly

    Students and young professionals are among the volunteers stepping in to help the sick and homeless elderly, who otherwise die alone and ...