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  1. Doan Kim jong nam trial

    VX found on Kim Jong Nam murder suspects' clothes, fingernails: Chemical weapons expert

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    Malaysia to 'fully cooperate' with OPCW on VX probe: Ministry

    The Foreign Affairs Ministry says it "strongly condemns" the use of toxic chemical in Kim Jong Nam's alleged murder and declares it has "complied ...
  3. N Korean envoy KL

    North Korea says heart attack likely killed man believed to be Kim Jong Nam

    A North Korean embassy official in Malaysia has refuted findings by the Malaysian government which indicate that Kim Jong Nam was poisoned by VX ...
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    Kim murder: Malaysian police prepared to share VX information with UN

    When asked if the authorities would accept assistance offered by the United Nations, Inspector-General Khalid Abu Bakar says it depends on what ...
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    Kim Jong Nam suffered painful death within 20 minutes of attack: Malaysian minister

    Kim Jong Nam was dead within 20 minutes of being attacked and would have suffered a 'very painful death' as his major organs shut down, Malaysia's ...
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    North Korea has large chemical weapons stockpile: Seoul

    North Korea has not signed a global chemical weapons convention that prohibits the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.
  7. Khalid Abu Bakar at presser

    Kim Jong Nam probe: Malaysia police chief orders sweep of locations linked to VX use

    Malaysian police will be conducting checks on locations that may have come into contact with the nerve agent VX.
  8. Toxic gas mask

    VX nerve agent: What is it and how does it work?

    A primer on ethyl S-2-Diisopropylaminoethyl methylphosphonothiolate, or VX nerve agent, which Malaysian authorities said was used to kill a North ...
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    Kim Jong Nam probe: Chemical weapon VX nerve agent used, Malaysia police say

    The Centre for Chemical Weapons identified the chemical substance in its preliminary analysis, according to Malaysia's Inspector General of Police.