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  1. Woman walking

    Commentary: How to walk more in our busy lives

    The more access people have to local facilities, job opportunities, and public transport, the more they walk, says two experts.
  2. A woman walks barefoot

    Are shoes altering our stride and increasing wear on our leg joints?

    Are shoes really protecting our feet? Or should we walk barefoot?
  3. Walk steps health

    Even one extra walk a day may make a big difference to your lifespan, says study

    For older women, walking as few as 4,500 steps a day reduced mortality compared with those who took only 2,700 steps a day.
  4. Tourists shield themselves with umbrellas on a hot day at the Merlion Park in Singapore

    Commentary: How to make cities more walkable

    To make cities more walkable, city planners and leaders need to understand the factors that influence our journeys, Professor Ruth Dalton at ...
  5. Dog enjoys an ice cream given by its owner at an ice-cream shop where ice cream is designed especia

    Commentary: You're not walking your dog enough

    All dogs need regular exercise outside of the home, say two observers from the University of Sydney.
  6. house cleaning

    House-cleaning, walking to work, staves off death: Study

    One in 12 global deaths over a five-year period can be prevented through 30 minutes of physical activity - which can include house-cleaning or ...
  7. Pat Toh

    She’s giving foot massages to encourage the lost art of slow-walking

    Singaporean artist Pat Toh wraps up her residency programme at The Substation with an interactive workshop that highlights the wonders of using ...
  8. Kim Jong Nam file photo

    Timeline: The 'assassination' of Kim Jong Nam

    What happened to the half-brother of Kim Jong Un at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2? Who has been arrested for the suspected murder?