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  1. Nancy Pelosi (1)

    Trump, Democrats battle in early stage of US border security talks

  2. US President Donald Trump campaigned on a vow to clamp down on illegal immigration, including a

    Commentary: The stalemate over US government shutdown has politically damaged the president

    Building a border wall will also backfire on Donald Trump as it does not address the problems anti-immigration activists want to see solved, says ...
  3. John Kelly

    Trump not building a 'wall': White House chief

    "Illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly, are not bad people," Kelly told the LA Times, adding that many had been manipulated by traffickers.
  4. Donald Trump

    Trump says build US-Mexico wall or he'll seal border

  5. Mexico border

    Trump signals retreat on wall funding, but shutdown threat remains

  6. New Content Item

    US orders prototypes for Mexico border wall

  7. Donald Trump1

    Trump hints at NAFTA withdrawal, says Mexico will pay for wall

  8. Donald Trump

    Trump arrives at Mexican border to rally supporters

  9. schooling and quah

    Swimming: Schooling settles for silver, Quah 5th in butterfly showdown

    The star swimmer was beaten to the wall by American Caeleb Dressel, who broke the NCAA record held by Schooling and the previous American record ...