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  1. China produced just 30 million tonnes of trash in 1980 but the World Bank warns that figure could

    China's zero-waste activists fight overconsumption

    Parcels piled high at sorting centres and drivers speeding down bike lanes to deliver takeout lunches are ubiquitous sights in urban China, where ...
  2. Plastic cutlery

    Commentary: Companies are cutting costs but dressing up moves as climate action

    Policies that cut down waste may be motivated by corporate-friendly intentions, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  3. Corporate gifts and greeting cards are pointless.

    Commentary: All these corporate greeting cards and presents are not gifts. They're spam

    Market forces may be driving the private sector into the arms of climate action. But our animal spirits are stuck in the first industrial revolution.
  4. Phuket tourism

    Phuket already bursting at the seams but more tourists on the way

    Thailand's popular resort island Phuket may struggle to keep up with an expected influx of tourists in the coming years, with its current ...
  5. Composite picture of aflluence's extravagance.

    Commentary: Wasteful practices of affluence must stop

    Let’s consider a set of new 3Rs for environmental sustainability – namely, reinvention, recalibration and reward, says Nominated Member of ...
  6. Singapore to reduce Semakau waste by 30% under first Zero Waste Master Plan | Video
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    Singapore to reduce Semakau waste by 30% under first Zero Waste Master Plan | Video

    Singapore plans to reduce the waste sent to its only landfill by 30 per cent each day, under the country’s first Zero Waste Master Plan. Junn Loh ...