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    Ep 1: Waste Not

    Entrepreneurs are using hi-tech to turn plastic into fuel, or even back into plastic. Others are turning food waste into fuel, or new types of food.
  2. Circular road

    Commentary: Trying to live more sustainably? It’s impossible to make a difference alone

    In combating climate change, our individual efforts are statistically insignificant – especially when compared to what businesses and government ...
  3. A worker removes containers with used supplies from COVID-19 vaccines and protective equipment from

    COVID-19 vaccine rollout keeps waste workers busy, environmentalists worried

    Every day, as more people get their COVID-19 shots, millions of syringes, needles and tiny vials are thrown away globally.
  4. UK business turns marine plastic waste into opportunity | Video
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    UK business turns marine plastic waste into opportunity | Video

    About 8 million tonnes of plastic waste wash up in the seas every year, with single-use personal protective equipment adding to the tally. John ...
  5. Coldplay sponsors watercraft to help clean polluted rivers in Malaysia

    Commentary: What good will Coldplay’s vessel cleaning up Malaysia rivers do?

    Celebrities may shift public attitudes on environmental issues but putting them in practice will depend on parents, teachers and other role ...
  6. Malee Mineral Water

    Commentary: Bottled water should be a luxury, not a necessity

    But the profits of brands such as Evian and Perrier can pay for environmental offsets, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.