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  1. TP ep 44 - swimming pools
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    Ep 44: What's Really In Our Pools?

    Sweat, bacteria and even pee! We go beneath the surface to tell you what’s lurking in our pools. Just how clean are our public pools and what can ...
  2. Toilet bowl

    Commentary: Reducing household water consumption starts with the toilet bowl

    The largest amount of water in a household is wasted in the toilet and this has increased since more of us stay at home. It’s time to rethink ...
  3. Malee Mineral Water

    Commentary: Bottled water should be a luxury, not a necessity

    But the profits of brands such as Evian and Perrier can pay for environmental offsets, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
  4. FILE PHOTO: NASA's Mars rover Perseverance takes its first, short drive on the surface of the

    Mars long ago was wet. You may be surprised where the water went

    Mars was once a wet world, with abundant bodies of water on its surface. But this changed dramatically billions of years ago, leaving behind the ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Logo of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), in Hsinchu

    Chipmakers in drought-hit Taiwan order water trucks to prepare for 'the worst'

    Taiwan chipmakers are buying water by the truckload for some of their foundries as the island widens restrictions on water supply amid a drought ...