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  1. Water Singapore Malaysia 02

    Johor may stop buying treated water from Singapore: Malaysia minister

  2. reservoir, singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Beyond scarcity and security, does Singapore need a new water narrative?

    Have strides made in water management drowned out a longstanding attitude concerning the importance of water conservation? Can a new culture of ...
  3. The government has admitted that the problem of growing demand for water has long been forecasted

    Commentary: How to make water issues matter to world leaders

    Strong, high-level political support is key in tackling water issues around the world, say Asit K Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada.
  4. Marina Barrage

    The Big Read: To build a strong water-saving culture, S'pore needs more than recycled messages

    PUB's water conservation campaigns over the years have become a regular fixture since the first one in 1962 but are the messages just old water in ...