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  1. reservoir, singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Beyond scarcity and security, does Singapore need a new water narrative?

    Have strides made in water management drowned out a longstanding attitude concerning the importance of water conservation? Can a new culture of ...
  2. Showerhead shower file photo

    Commentary: Beyond price hikes and conservation campaigns, saving water through smart showers

    Conserving water is a national imperative – and how much water you consume while showering can be reduced by as much as almost 20 per cent through ...
  3. PUB smart shower 2

    300 families at Bukit Batok first to receive smart shower devices

  4. Tap water (2)

    Water-inefficient taps to be phased out from April

    The new Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme standards, which kick in on Apr 1, will see zero-tick water fittings disallowed for sale in ...
  5. Tap water (1)

    Many welcome Budget 2017 measures, but against water price hike: REACH

    Overall, 52 per cent of Singaporeans polled said they supported the measures, but nearly four in 10 were unhappy about the increase in water ...
  6. File photo of toilet

    Minimum standards for water fittings to be raised from April 2019

    PUB will also introduce two new water conservation programmes, including the replacement of non-water efficient nine-litre water closets with ...
  7. Tan Chuan-Jin handing out vouchers to residents in Bedok

    Singapore near-triples social expenditure in last 10 years

    Investments in healthcare, education and the like increased from S$12.7 billion in FY2006 to S$34 billion in 2016, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat ...
  8. fifth newater plant at changi

    NEWater able to meet 40% of Singapore's water needs with opening of fifth plant

    Singapore's fifth NEWater facility, located at Changi Water Reclamation Plant, can boost supply by 10 per cent. It has the capacity to produce 50 ...
  9. Tengah 3

    Tengah 'Forest Town' to be Singapore's largest smart, sustainable town

    The upcoming Tengah development will feature eco-friendly water and energy features, an automated waste system as well as software that will aid ...