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  1. CNA Lifestyle

    Mixed-faith marriage as a way of life in Dubai

  2. Westminster attack - injured on bridge

    London attack 'sombre reminder' of terror threat: Shanmugam

    The Minister for Law and Home Affairs said the attack near Britain's Houses of Parliament on Wednesday (Mar 22) was clearly aimed at striking at ...
  3. Ringing of the bell by an Australian soldier

    Allied nations jointly mark 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore in ceremony

    "This commitment to remember the horrors of war and to defend Singapore is at the core of Total Defence," says chairman of the Government ...
  4. aung san suu kyi - conwith 1

    Exclusive: Focus on resolving difficulties in Rakhine rather than exaggerating them, says Suu Kyi

    In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia, Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi says her government has managed to keep the situation under control.
  5. (ss) Mazlan and father

    An island-boy's race against time and tide

    For decades, kampungs and thrilling sailboats races were a way of life in the region. Kolek teams were like local football clubs. Now, one ...