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  1. India's Reliance seen emerging as bigger threat for U.S. firms like Amazon, Walmart

    Could Mukesh Ambani – Asia’s wealthiest man – overtake Jeff Bezos one day?

    Mukesh Ambani's net worth recently surged past some of the world’s biggest tycoons. With his Reliance Industries undergoing a rapid-fire ...
  2. Can we be happier?

    Can we be happier? Yes, but it’s not about wealth or GDP, says one economist

    A growing body of research outlined by Richard Layard, founder and former director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of ...
  3. U.S. President Trump delivers a statement about his acquittal at the White House in Washington

    Blue collar boom? College grads, baby boomers big winners in Trump's economy

    U.S. President Donald Trump rolled out an eye-catching statistic in his State of the Union address Tuesday: the wealth held by the poorest half of ...
  4. The most ridiculous things rich people have bought

    The most outrageous things the wealthy have purchased in the past decade

    From S$1.2 million Monopoly sets to a S$610 million artwork that broke the world record for most expensive painting, these are the luxuries ...
  5. people rushing commuting walking to work

    Commentary: Cash-rich, time-poor wealthy are always in a hurry

    It seems that people with more money find more things to do with their time, so feel more time pressure, says Financial Times' Tim Harford.
  6. london apartment building

    Commentary: Amid a housing crisis, London builds more empty luxury apartments

    The shocking number of vacant luxury homes in London amid a housing shortage crisis should motivate authorities to take action, says one observer.
  7. man taking a photo of a sports fancy car lamborghini

    Commentary: Picking a fund is just like picking a car

    Picking a fund to invest in can seem intimidating and technical but consider the similarities with another big-ticket item many of us buy – a car, ...