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  1. Dead trees mark the scorched landscape surrounding the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat after a wildfir

    Australia readies for more bushfires with temperatures set to soar

    Australian officials on Tuesday warned communities in hard-hit eastern states to strengthen bushfire defences as soaring temperatures and strong ...
  2. PUB collage

    PUB to boost use of radar technology to better forecast rain, tackle floods

  3. Peter Davis, owner of Island Beehive, locks Ligurian beehives to prepare them for transport on Kang

    Australian bushfires scathe sanctuary for rare bee species

    Bees swarm around Peter Davis as he unloads his precious, buzzing cargo into their new home in a part of South Australia's Kangaroo Island that ...
  4. Storm clouds over Sydney Harbour gave some relief  after weeks of intense bushfires

    Weather 'merry-go-round' poses new risks for fire-ravaged Australia

    A "merry-go-round" of extreme weather was hampering efforts by firefighters in Australia to tackle unprecedented bushfires that have killed at ...
  5. Man walks beside a sea wave during the storm "Gloria" on Barceloneta beach, in Barcelona

    Four die as storm sweeps across Spain

    Four people have died in strong winds, heavy snowfall and low temperatures as Storm Gloria swept across Spain on Sunday and Monday, officials said.
  6. australia dust storm

    Dust storms and giant hail batter bushfire-weary Australia

    "Apocalyptic" dust storms swept across drought-stricken areas of Australia over the weekend, with thunder and giant hail battering the east coast, ...