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  1. Second Test - England v Pakistan

    Bad weather wipes out morning session in second test

    Bad weather continued to dog the second test between England and Pakistan on Saturday as a combination of bad light and drizzle wiped out the ...
  2. Officials inspect the site where a passenger plane crashed when it overshot the runway at the Calic

    India air safety watchdog to check airports hit by heavy rain after crash

    India's air safety regulator plans to conduct special audits of airports across the country affected by heavy rain, the watchdog's chief told ...
  3. French firefighters extinguish a fire in a burning field of wheat in Aubencheul-au-Bac

    Drier than the Sahara: Heatwave fans fire risk for French farmers

    On a farm in France, firefighters beat down the flames that had turned a field of wheat black, but they were too late to save the combine harvester.
  4. The Han river burst its banks in some places, causing flooding in South Korea

    North Korea on flood alert as heavy rain kills 16 in South

    Days of heavy rain could cause flooding or landslides across North Korea, officials warned, as the South said Thursday 16 people had died in the ...
  5. Soldiers of the PLA evacuate residents stranded by floodwaters with a boat in Luan

    China evacuates thousands after floods threaten villages

    China has evacuated thousands of residents after a landslide blocked a river and created a barrier lake that threatened to submerge neighbouring ...