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    The Weather: The Race To Forecast

    Weather reports are part of our daily lives, and even if the weather is one of the most popular and frequently watched television programs, the ...
  2. Ulu Pandan flooding (4)

    Flash floods in some parts of Singapore amid 'prolonged heavy rain'

    About 90% of Singapore's average monthly rainfall in April fell over three hours in the western part of the country on Saturday.
  3. The Masters

    Golf: Fine weather greets early starters on Masters Sunday

    The final round of the Masters started in fine weather on Sunday with only an outside chance of play being interrupted by afternoon storms at ...
  4. Chablis winemakers light up candles, heaters to save vines from frost

    French winemakers set candles and straw ablaze to save vines from frost

    Temperatures plunged as low as -5°C overnight in wine regions in Burgundy and Bordeaux, which could hurt shoots already well-developed because of ...