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  1. Switzerland Davos Forum

    Commentary: WEF's annual Davos meeting is coming to Singapore. That move should be permanent

    Anyone who has been to the Davos meetings will be familiar with the inconvenience that the Swiss village represents for participants, says IMD ...
  2. World Economic Forum - Channel NewsAsia Session
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    WEF – Geopolitics In Asia: Threats And Opportunities

    Amid a rapidly changing geo-economic context, shifting allegiances and new security strategies from regional and global powers, how can Asia ...
  3. WEF – Innovation Nation
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    WEF – Innovation Nation

    From large-scale investment announcements to military-driven R&D platforms, how can governments help foster an environment that encourages innovation?
  4. CNA and World Economic Forum co-host a panel on Why 5G Matters
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    Why 5G Matters - A World Economic Forum (Dalian 2019)

    5G could cover about one-third of the world's population by 2025 - making driver-less cars and talking to your fridge a reality. But how much do ...
  5. A robot delivers a birthday cake at Robotazia restaurant

    COVID-19 pandemic speeds labour shift from humans to robots, WEF survey finds

    Robots will destroy 85 million jobs at mid-sized to large businesses over the next five years as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates changes in the ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: People attend a makeshift application center to apply for a commercial vehicle driving

    Unemployment is world's biggest risk, business leaders say

    Unemployment is seen as the biggest worry over the next 10 years for business executives around the world, closely followed by concern about the ...