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  1. La Liga Santander - Levante v Real Madrid

    Real's Hazard has sunk under weight of expectations, says Capello

    Eden Hazard has struggled to deal with the weight of the Real Madrid shirt following his high-profile move from Chelsea, former Real manager Fabio ...
  2. obese people file

    Is it ok to fight against fat discrimination, but still want to lose weight?

    “I’ve had people question whether I truly love myself if I want to be thinner,” says Anne Coleman who regularly wrestles with this perennial issue.
  3. weight training

    Want maximum weight loss? Try combining aerobics and weight training

    Activities like walking and lifting weights were both tied to a healthier weight, but combining the two may have the most benefits.
  4. Tennis: US Open

    Weight lifted for Serena as Melbourne beckons

    The length of time Serena Williams held her arms aloft after clinching her first WTA title in almost three years spoke volumes on Sunday as the ...
  5. Danger of high-intensity workouts | Video
    Media playtime

    Danger of high-intensity workouts | Video

    High-intensity workouts can help one to lose weight and get fit, but they can also lead to kidney failure or even death if one pushes beyond limits.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Some people overeat when upset

    Emotional eaters should seek to manage their emotions to avoid overeating, observers say.