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  1. Real Weight control, try portion control

    Real weight control is all about portion control, not fad diets

    If you're serious about losing or maintaining weight, learn the size of a healthful portion and treat restaurant servings as enough for two or more.
  2. File photo of sweet drinks

    Commentary: Want to fight the sugar problem? Start counting calories

    It’s easier to cut down on our sugar intake if we know how many calories each beverage we intend to consume has, says weight loss author Ian Tan.
  3. Walking down stairs

    Commentary: Finding time to exercise is tough when life gets in the way

    Maintaining a physically active lifestyle can tough, but staying healthy doesn't have to be. All small activities like climbing stairs and walking ...
  4. Fig salad

    Commentary: All salads good for you? Some weight loss myths must be debunked

    Avoid these common food mistakes if you’re trying to lose weight, say two observers.
  5. women exercising stretching in a fitness class

    Commentary: Exercise, not diet, is the key to weight loss

    One reason why exercise gets a bad reputation is too many looking to lose weight place limits on how much they exercise, says one observer.
  6. woman eating burger and drinking coke

    Commentary: Just because you're thin doesn't mean you're healthy

    Your diet, not your body weight, is the best indicator of internal well-being, says one observer.
  7. Weighing machine

    Commentary: Weighing yourself regularly can help you lose weight but isn’t good for everyone

    Studies show self-weighing may help with weight loss, especially for men, say two Australian researchers.
  8. Almonds nuts

    Nuts may boost male fertility: Study

    Eating nuts "significantly" boosted the number and health of sperm in young men in a scientific trial, researchers said on Wednesday (Jul 4).
  9. Bucka, the 11 year-old overweight mongrel dog, is seen during a test trying to find the reasons for

    Research on dogs might shed light on human responses to food: study

    Fat dogs have a lot in common with overweight humans, including an interest in top quality food and an unwillingness to settle for second best, ...