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  1. depression cognitive behaviour therapy

    Commentary: From sick care to ‘well care’, here’s how to end the mental health stigma

    Each dollar invested in treatment for depression and anxiety can generate a return of four times more in terms of improved well-being and ...
  2. This year, try focusing on the good life

    Commentary: This year, try focusing on relationships and experiences, not things or work

    The elements of well-being, which contributes to the good life, is more than just being well, one cultural anthropologist expert points out.
  3. FILE PHOTO: Virgin Group founder Branson speaks at the Institute of Directors annual convention in

    Commentary: Richard Branson’s key to happiness? Stop chasing after it

    Studies show there are ways to achieve happiness but it doesn’t come in the form of a high-flying job or an all-expenses paid vacation, says one ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: No marks, scars or bruises but anxiety more debilitating than some illnesses

    People with anxiety disorders often are afraid to voice their thoughts and assume the worse, says one observer.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Schizophrenia, a life increasingly detached from reality

    Recovery from mental illness is a process of finding meaning and purpose in life, says one IMH peer support specialist who discusses her struggle ...
  6. workers Singapore file

    Commentary: Why a five-hour work day is a double-edged sword

    Shorter working hours can boost productivity and offer a healthier work-life balance, but it's not for everyone, say three organisational ...
  7. Office workers at Raffles Place (1)

    Commentary: Let's review our assumptions about work-life balance

    Successfully managing our work-life balance can lead to better well-being but we need to first appreciate the complex relationship between work ...