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  1. Massage at COMO Shambhala Estate

    Why a career in luxury wellness and hospitality could be the next big thing

    With an increasing number of travellers seeking wellbeing and rejuvenation in the aftermath of the pandemic, interesting opportunities abound for ...
  2. mothers mental health unsplash

    ‘Inside, I was crumbling’: How can we better support the mental health of mothers?

    A recent online public workshop tackling the crucial early days of motherhood highlights how we can help do our part – as a family and as a community.
  3. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan set off a whirl of speculation about the identity of the senior

    Donate to these women’s charities as baby gifts for Prince Harry and Meghan

    The couple only had one request: Help girls and women around the world to lead better lives.
  4. Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

    How to cope with feelings of uncertainty and make a fresh start

    Your brain’s on overdrive during the pandemic. Health and wellness experts offer tips on how deal with it.
  5. FILE PHOTO: A person types on a laptop computer in Manhattan, New York City

    It's time you reset your boundaries, online and off. Here's how to do it

    Over the past year, many of us have played our different roles – professional, parent, student – all from the same space, home. Now, we’re ...
  6. BC-WELL-JOB-MENTAL-HEALTH-ART-NYTSF — Naomi Osaka awaits a serve during her defeat of Patricia Mari

    What to do when your job harms your mental health

    Tennis star Naomi Osaka advocated for her well-being at work. Here’s how you can too.
  7. CRU TV Bike 2

    This Singapore gym has a spin bike you can buy for your home workouts

    The CRU TV Bike, launched by fitness group CRU, comes equipped with a 21.5-inch rotating touchscreen for streaming cycling, boxing, yoga and HIIT ...
  8. The science of impulse buying HERO

    Impulse buying: Why some people can't stop shopping and how not to overspend

    There’s no harm in a little splurge every now and then but can you spot the warning signs? CNA Lifestyle asks the experts and offers tips on how ...
  9. France Tennis French Open

    Naomi Osaka: 5 things you can learn from her openness about mental health

    The 23-year-old tennis star announced her withdrawal from the French Open, saying she “never wanted to be a distraction” in an Instagram post that ...
  10. Female misogyny prejudice hero jasper loh

    How women can deal with prejudice from other women at work (yes, it happens)

    Ladies, have you received some uncalled for comments at the workplace? Or – gasp – accidentally let one slip before? Time to lean in and end this ...