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  1. Exercise vs drugs to treat high blood pressure

    Exercise vs drugs to treat high blood pressure and reduce body fat

    New studies support the idea that exercise can be considered potent medicine.
  2. Can your refrigerator improve your dating life

    Can your refrigerator improve your dating life? There's even an app for it

    Using groceries to map the route to romance? Now that's what you'd call playing it cool.
  3. Nap sleep health cafe

    The benefits of napping – and how to snooze without affecting your sleep at night

    Trying to get the most out of your nap this World Sleep Day (Mar 15)? Try this surprising hack by drinking a cup of coffee or tea before a nap.
  4. metbkk_bkg_glow_salad_wrap

    Wellness at 30,000 feet: COMO Shambhala and Singapore Airlines join hands

    The renowned wellness brand will introduce its signature wholesome cuisine on board selected Singapore Airlines (SQ) flights starting in the ...
  5. walk 2 remember facebook

    Walkathon hopes to delay dementia among seniors through exercise

    Happening this Saturday, Walk 2 Remember hopes to encourage “intergenerational walking habits” among Singaporeans.
  6. neon heart attack women at risk symptoms and signs CNA Lifestyle

    7 in 10 Singaporeans can’t recognise heart attack symptoms: Survey

    As many as one in two women think they aren’t at risk – when heart attacks are the No 1 killer among women in Singapore.
  7. how to be a good listener CNA lifestyle

    Being a good listener can help you at work and at home – here's how to do it right

    Listening can feel at times like a lost art, maybe because we are communicating so much more electronically. But it can work wonders with family, ...
  8. gout young singaporeans too much beer and protein

    Why more younger Singaporeans are getting gout: Too much beer and protein

    Plus, the surprising foods that you may still be able to consume if you have this painful form of arthritis.
  9. Level up workout fitness abs sit-up crunches kettlebell press

    When it comes to burning fat, short workouts might be as effective as long walks

    The new study has shown that intense exercise with supershort intervals could be a real fat burner – but the effort needs to be arduous.
  10. device detox ditch your phone and unbreak your brain CNA Lifestyle

    How I ditched my phone and unbroke my brain – adventures in device detox

    A tech columnist found himself incapable of reading books, watching full movies or having long conversations. Here's what a month with no of ...