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  1. Motion sickness altitude sickness holiday travel

    How to avoid motion and altitude sickness on your holiday

    Whether you’re travelling in a moving vehicle, or hiking to a lookout point, here’s how to minimise nausea and headache without resorting to medicine.
  2. marathon tips can an app and artificial intelligence help you run better 2

    Can your phone and artificial intelligence help you run your best marathon?

    Fledgling app TrainAsONE uses AI to constantly calculate training plans – and a great majority of those who use it says it helps them go faster ...
  3. Make-up testers bacteria

    Make-up and bacteria: Ranking the dirtiest product testers at the cosmetics counter

    Oral herpes, skin infections and acne are not the gifts with purchase you want to bring home with your new lipstick.
  4. Low blood pressure fainting

    Low blood pressure can lead to heart attacks – or create a scene at the very least

    Low blood pressure can result in dizziness, a lack of concentration, blurred vision and fainting spells – as CNA Lifestyle finds out the hard way.
  5. Flu cold sneeze virus

    Whether it’s the flu or monkeypox, here’s how to avoid picking up a virus

    Should you move away if someone at the next table is sneezing? And how long does a virus survive on surface tops? CNA Lifestyle asks an expert.
  6. When travellers bring skin infections back as souvenirs

    Strange skin infections as holiday souvenirs: Travel precautions to take

    As more people travel abroad, travellers and doctors need to be alert to unusual and often perplexing skin infections we can bring home.
  7. Blockbuster fitness HERO

    HIIT workouts and trampoline acrobatics: Sweat it out at 5 trendy fitness classes

    With a slew of trendy workouts making their way to Singapore, it’s never been more fun to get ripped, just in time for your summer vacay.
  8. Sustainable lifestyle Sprout Farmers Market CNA Lifestyle Sprout Edible Garden City

    Going eco-friendly: Can you really pursue a sustainable lifestyle in Singapore?

    Singapore’s largest farmers market, Sprout, returns this weekend to put the spotlight on sustainable living once more. But just how successful has ...
  9. Children TCM acupuncture paediatric tuina acupressure

    TCM for kids? Some parents are taking an alternative approach to paediatric wellness

    To boost immune systems, some parents have started planning stops at the TCM clinic before dropping the kids off at the daycare centre.
  10. Hero Early Riser 2

    Does waking up before sunrise make you a more successful individual?

    According to author Robin Sharma, rising one hour before the sun does allows you to focus on your goals and optimise your schedule for the day ahead.