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  1. How to help my kid open up HERO

    Here's how you can get your kids to open up about anything

    Tips for creating safe spaces and developing emotional intelligence in your children.
  2. Think you have normal blood pressure HERO

    Think you have ‘normal’ blood pressure? Ideal doesn't mean risk-free

    Even levels of blood pressure that are generally considered "normal" may be high enough to foster the development of heart disease, new research ...
  3. Jellyfish

    My real-life experience with jellyfish stings: What worked and what didn’t

    With recent box jellyfish sightings in Singapore, CNA Lifestyle’s Khoo Bee Khim recalls her previous stinging experience in Australia and lists ...
  4. Young couple walking

    Time to go for a walk? You’ll burn calories, lose weight, de-stress and improve knee pain

    Walking around Singapore isn't just a cool thing to do on weekends. It's got a lot of health and mood-lifting benefits. CNA Lifestyle asks the ...
  5. Woman rubbing neck waking up in bed

    You don't have to know yoga to stretch your way to a good night's sleep

    Here is a short and calming routine of 11 light exercises.
  6. Woman executing barbell squats in gym

    Not just a workout trend: Why you should try high-intensity interval training

    Many inactive adults who tried a sampling of exercises preferred intense efforts to gentler workouts.
  7. NYT - Difference between flu and COVID-19

    Can you tell the difference in symptoms between the flu and COVID-19?

    With the flu season coming up at the end of the year, you'll want to figure out which is making you feel terrible.
  8. Woman holding right side of abdomen

    The truth about appendicitis – is there a way to prevent it and can it happen twice?

    Remember actor Daniel Wu’s recent ordeal? Is that normal? Can you avoid having to undergo surgery? CNA Lifestyle answers your burning questions.
  9. How the pandemic is changing our exercise habits

    Are we more active? How the pandemic is changing our exercise habits

    Many of us have been moving less since the pandemic began. But some, including many older men and women, seem to be moving more.
  10. It's not only women who want more intimacy in relationships

    It’s not only women who want more intimacy in relationships – men do, too

    Contrary to prevailing gender tropes, many men crave deeper emotional connection, work hard for it and don't always receive it in return.