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  1. Sudden case of body odour

    Developing body odour could be a sign of diabetes or even kidney issues

    Experts tell CNA Lifestyle that a sudden change in how you smell could be your body's way of telling you that you're not well.
  2. A woman's hand picking a sticky note off a cork board

    Are you getting more forgetful? How to tell if it's a sign of early dementia

    CNA Lifestyle speaks to the experts to find out what the signs are, how different it is from normal ageing, and why travelling and social media ...
  3. an illustration of a child lost in books

    Want to help your child sail through homework and exams? Here's a plan to study smart

    Regardless of a child's age or challenges, parents can encourage sound homework routines for a successful start to the school year.
  4. A mother comforting a child

    Is your child a victim of cyberbully? Here's how to safeguard them

    Recognising warning signs and documenting the bullying may help, experts say.
  5. A woman picking at her skin

    Do you habitually pick at your skin? You could be suffering from excoriation disorder

    For many people with body-focused repetitive behaviours, the predominant effects are cosmetic, and the consequences emotional and social.
  6. Little girl applying makeup on herself

    Letting your child use makeup, hair dye or nail polish might lead to skin and hair problems

    An expert told CNA Lifestyle it's best to wait till your kid is in her late teens. But what can you do if she's impatient to get started?
  7. Photo positive childhood experiences

    Positive childhood experiences tied to better adult mental health: Study

    Researchers surveyed over 6,000 adults about how often they felt supported, felt a sense of belonging and were able to talk about their feelings ...
  8. Different styluses on the market

    Want to learn to draw? A tablet or app is a convenient way to start

    Sketching is a form of visual thinking that exercises the mind and body, and it's easy to turn your tablet into a portable art studio.
  9. Aerobic fitness may trump strength for metabolic health

    To improve metabolic health, aerobic fitness may trump strength training

    Endurance affects metabolism substantially more than muscular strength does, a new study suggests.
  10. Bowl yoghurt with muesli and berries

    Need more probiotics in your diet? Find out which foods are better for your gut

    It can be confusing deciding what to order at the food court or what to buy at the supermarket. You want foods that deliver the highest amount of ...