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  1. Focus concentrate adult ADHD

    Could you have adult ADHD if you have problems concentrating? It's certainly a possibility

    What are the symptoms? And what does adult ADHD look like compared to a condition diagnosed during childhood? CNA Lifestyle finds out.
  2. A woman buys vegetables at a supermarket in Buenos Aires

    Low-carb diet better when it includes more vegetables, nuts

  3. Mosquitoes

    Microplastics may enter foodchain through mosquitoes

  4. pregnant pixabay stocksnap

    Diet and exercise may stem pregnancy weight gain – if you start early

    Overweight women limited their weight gain with a diet and exercise programme during pregnancy, but it did not lower their rate of complications ...
  5. weight training

    No time to work out? Try express weight training

    A new study finds that you can build strength in just 13 minutes with a single, brief set of each exercise, if you work really hard.
  6. what to do child vegetarian nutrition parents

    What do you do when your child decides to become a vegetarian?

    In the United States, many children at very young ages are deciding to become vegetarians on their own, driven primarily by ethical concerns and ...
  7. UNDATED -- BC-WELL-TAI-CHI-ART-NYTSF -- // No caption. (CREDIT: Gracia Lam for The New York Times)

    The right moves: How to use tai chi to build strength

    Tai chi moves can be easily learned and executed by people of all ages and states of health, even elderly people in wheelchairs.
  8. Vegan Salad Bowl

    Singaporeans are not eating enough vegetables – and health experts know why

    Think you're better than meat eaters? Don't gloat too soon because those cucumber slices in chicken rice and strips of xiao bai cai in your ...
  9. Sweat perspire cool down

    Wear a hat or bring an umbrella? We discover the best ways to cool off in this heat

    Warm shower or cold shower? Ice-blended drink or a drink with ice cubes? Don’t sweat because CNA Lifestyle has got the expert take on these ...
  10. Brain headache

    Headaches: When should you take a painkiller or see a doctor?

    CNA Lifestyle finds out how to tell a migraine from a tension headache, and how best to get relief.