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  1. Best resorts in Asia for a post-Christmas detox retreat

    Is festive feasting causing you to overindulge? Time for a detox getaway

    The top-rated wellness centres across Asia to book a retreat to recover from the holiday you just had.
  2. Mug with the word Begin

    The best gift you can give yourself this holiday? Start with self-care

    A Buddhist teacher offers five simple steps to quiet your mind and soothe your stress any time of year.
  3. NYT - Medicine's side effects

    Why you shouldn't stop taking a medicine without asking your doctor

    The temptation to stop taking a medicine is there especially when there are adverse side effects. But doing so can sometimes worsen your condition.
  4. Christmas bloating

    Why do you feel bloated after all that rich food? How do you ease the discomfort?

    If you’re planning to indulge yourself this festive month, read this. And take note: It’s not just overeating that leads to bloating – rushing to ...
  5. Woman at Christmas

    Too much eye makeup can lead to redness, swelling – find out how to avoid this

    The festive season might be the right time to dabble in bold colours and glitter for that party look. But don’t forget to play it safe, too – ...
  6. Frederick Chavalit Tsao is chairman of regional conglomerate IMC Pan Asia Alliance (IMC PAA) Group

    Philanthropist Fred Tsao is on a mission to make Chinese wellness great again

    The Thailand-born business tycoon is all about fusing Western science and traditional Chinese philosophy to create a new type of wellbeing.
  7. Loneliness during the festive season

    Unhappy Holidays: Coping with loneliness over the festive season

    It’s the holidays but not everyone is jolly. For lonely hearts, the festive season can bring on feelings of gut-wrenching loneliness. Find out how ...
  8. An elderly man running

    Want to feel 25 again? Exercise may fight ageing

    The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to health problems as we age.
  9. An illustration by Paola Saliby from The New York Times

    Why you should start practising New Year’s resolutions now

    Stop waiting, give yourself a leg up and start practicing those resolutions right now.
  10. Male gym-goer resting hands on locker

    After Godfrey Gao: How does cardiac arrest happen when someone looks fit?

    Muscle tone is not an accurate indication of good health. CNA Lifestyle talked to doctors about overlooked factors like stress and the flu that ...