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  1. How to diversify your toy box HERO

    Ways to create a multiracial, multicultural spectrum in a child's activities and toys

    Imagine how children’s views of themselves and others could change by having dolls of diverse races and ethnicities, not just white Barbies and ...
  2. Acing the online interview HERO

    Useful tips that can help you ace the next online job interview

    These techniques unique to the work-from-home era can help you land that dream job.
  3. How to talk to your friends about money HERO

    How to start a conversation about money with your friends

    Empathy is key to navigating tricky conversations, and that’s true now more than ever.
  4. Woman with back ache working from home

    Working from home is taking its toll on our bodies: How to deal with backaches and sprains

    There’s been an increase in WFH injuries since the “circuit breaker” period. Health experts weigh in on how the right chairs and laptop positions ...
  5. Massage guns

    The truth about massage guns: Do these really work? Can they replace your therapist?

    Automated massagers for muscle soreness are popular these days – even Adam Levine uses one. But are they really effective? What’s the difference ...
  6. NYT distorted eating behaviours

    Looks can be deceiving when it comes to eating disorders

    Distorted eating behaviours occur in young people irrespective of their weight, gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  7. Cat on Couch

    Feeling light and being a couch potato work towards keeping us fat

    Sitting may confuse cellular sensors into thinking we are lighter than we are, prompting the body to put on weight.
  8. Is your blood sugar undermining your workouts

    Are your high blood sugar levels undermining your workouts?

    Eating a diet high in sugar and processed foods could put a dent in our long-term health in part by changing how well our bodies respond to exercise.
  9. NYT Tween Drama

    A quarantine benefit: How to use this time to deal with your child's tween drama

    Right now, we have an opportunity to help our kids take a hard look at their friendships, including friends they may want to leave behind.
  10. Why we reach for nostalgia in times of COVID-19

    Why we reach for nostalgia in times of crisis or a global pandemic

    In times of trauma and overwhelming stress, it’s a natural instinct to feel nostalgic and rely on those feelings for comfort and a sense of ...