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  1. I am sorry by Brett Jordan for Pexels

    How to get someone to give you the apology you seek

    Here's some advice from therapists, religious leaders, as well as people who suffered terrible wrongs on ways to find repentance and resolution.
  2. Doing squats

    Try this 11-minute body weight workout for proven fitness benefits and results

    Five minutes of burpees, jump squats and other calisthenics, alternating with rest, improved aerobic endurance in out-of-shape men and women.
  3. Woman looking at handphone while using treadmill

    Reading this on your phone while exercising? Multi-tasking may lead to injuries

    Digital distractions can be a double-edged sword, say experts. If you’re not careful, it can lead to injuries – but listening to music can also ...
  4. Ep 6
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    Ep 6: In Search Of A Cure

    Vegan skincare entrepreneur Hildra Gwee goes back in time in search of natural ingredients to use in her formulations, only to discover that the ...
  5. Photo of a person working in bed

    Feeling lazy to get up? Why working from bed might actually be great for you

    Turns out, the bedroom can help fuel creative thinking – and it didn’t just start with the pandemic. Some of history’s most accomplished people, ...
  6. NYT Pick an app to keep moving

    Feeling unmotivated to stay active? Inspiration is just an app or two away

    It's easy to find online or on your phone with these guides and apps.
  7. NYT Downsizing New Year Resolutions

    Tired of resolutions you can't keep? Try downsizing them

    2020 was a tough one. Here's how to make goals for 2021 that feel both satisfying and doable.
  8. NYT Healthier 2021

    For a healthier 2021, keep the best habits of a very bad year

    This seven-day challenge will show you how to build on the healthy habits you learned during pandemic life. Day One: Try gratitude exercises.
  9. Arm holding up dumbbell

    To keep your exercise goals this year: Set them high, but not too high

    Inactive people started moving more if they received daily step targets that exceeded their usual number by about 500 steps.
  10. Workout mistakes hero pic

    Getting fit in 2021? Common workout mistakes we always make and how to fix these

    Local fitness experts reveal the nine exercises they see people performing incorrectly and share tips on how to correct them. These include ...