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  1. Pee holding bladder control leaking tap urinary incontinence

    Is it okay to hold your pee when you don’t have the time or can’t find a toilet?

    Are you more prone to urinary tract infections or a burst bladder if you hold it in too often? CNA Lifestyle speaks to an expert and finds out ...
  2. Pre-diabetes diabetes blood sugar level food eat diet

    Not just sugar: You might be eating your way to pre-diabetes and not even know it

    This World Diabetes Day, CNA Lifestyle looks at understanding pre-diabetes and what non-sugary dishes like char kway teow and orh luak have to do ...
  3. Expiry date canned food poisoning safety

    Can you – should you – eat food that has passed its expiry date?

    It seems like a waste to throw food out, but is that milk or bread safe to consume? CNA Lifestyle finds out from the experts.
  4. For a childs cough medicine

    If your child has the flu, it might be better to ride it out instead of giving medication

    Instead of over-the-counter products, pediatricians recommend comfort measures like fluids and honey.
  5. A celebration of the sick day

    A celebration of the sick day: If you need that MC tomorrow, just take it

    Ducking under the weather gives me permission to excuse myself from life and curl up in a sunspot.
  6. Level up workout fitness push-up offset triceps core muscles

    Next-Level Workout: How to work your triceps to get bigger guns

    In this new eight-part series, CNA Lifestyle brings you trainer-certified moves to help you reap more results from your workouts.
  7. Nuts Healthy snacks diabetes friendly

    Are low-carb, low-sugar snacks tasty enough to keep you away from muruku?

    CNA Lifestyle taste-tested a bunch of snacks that promise not to sky-rocket your blood sugar levels.
  8. Confused about nutrition

    Confused by nutrition research? Sloppy science may be to blame

    According to a new book by Marion Nestle, the unstated goal of most company-sponsored studies is to increase the bottom line.
  9. Joint cracking knuckles knees back neck

    Knuckle cracking: It's annoying to others but can it also cause arthritis?

    If you’re trying to stop someone’s irritating knuckle-cracking habit, you’ll need a better reason than saying "you’re ruining your joints".
  10. Organic label

    Can eating organic food lower cancer risks?

    In a study, those who ate more organic produce, dairy, meat and other products had 25 per cent fewer cancer diagnoses overall, especially lymphoma ...