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  1. Close-up woman in pyjamas clutching abdomen

    Experiencing painful, heavy periods? You might have varicose veins in the pelvic area

    One vascular specialist shares why pelvic congestion syndrome – and not necessarily endometriosis, fibroids or ovarian cysts – could be the cause ...
  2. Banyan Tree Essentials Thai Chamanard Travel Set

    Singapore pride: Homegrown brands Banyan Tree and KrisShop join forces

    After forming a brand partnership with KrisShop, the flagship retailer of Singapore Airlines (SIA), Banyan Tree’s exclusive offerings will be made ...
  3. Why it's good to be old even in a pandemic HERO

    Health expert: 'Older people are better positioned to cope with stresses, including this pandemic'

    That ageing can make us better than ever may be the biggest dirty little secret of all time.
  4. Can a physically taxing job be bad for our brains POTTERY

    How a physically taxing job is different from exercise and can be bad for our brains

    A new study suggests that physical demands required for work may have negative consequences for brain health.
  5. The benefits of talking to strangers HERO

    Experts say talking to strangers 'enrich lives and offer novel experiences'

    Casual connections with people we encounter in the course of daily life can give us the sense of belonging to a community.
  6. How to diversify your toy box HERO

    Ways to create a multiracial, multicultural spectrum in a child's activities and toys

    Imagine how children’s views of themselves and others could change by having dolls of diverse races and ethnicities, not just white Barbies and ...
  7. Acing the online interview HERO

    Useful tips that can help you ace the next online job interview

    These techniques unique to the work-from-home era can help you land that dream job.
  8. How to talk to your friends about money HERO

    How to start a conversation about money with your friends

    Empathy is key to navigating tricky conversations, and that’s true now more than ever.
  9. Woman with back ache working from home

    Working from home is taking its toll on our bodies: How to deal with backaches and sprains

    There’s been an increase in WFH injuries since the “circuit breaker” period. Health experts weigh in on how the right chairs and laptop positions ...
  10. Massage guns

    The truth about massage guns: Do these really work? Can they replace your therapist?

    Automated massagers for muscle soreness are popular these days – even Adam Levine uses one. But are they really effective? What’s the difference ...