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  1. Sanofi Flu Vaccination Image

    Why a flu shot should remain a priority amid the pandemic 

    Even as Singapore ramps up its COVID-19 vaccination drive, a doctor explains why people should not overlook routine immunisations for other ...
  2. NYT The Best Type of Exercise? A Blood Test Holds Clues HERO

    The best type of exercise? A new study shows blood test holds clues

    Researchers are studying the proteins in blood to learn why some of us respond to certain forms of exercise better than others.
  3. Massage at COMO Shambhala Estate

    Why a career in luxury wellness and hospitality could be the next big thing

    With an increasing number of travellers seeking wellbeing and rejuvenation in the aftermath of the pandemic, interesting opportunities abound for ...
  4. Business is booming for Singapore’s bicycle retailers

    Business is booming for Singapore’s bike retailers, but the picture isn’t all rosy

    Demand for bicycles that cost up to five figures has increased, but global supply shortages are holding back sales numbers. The longer waiting ...
  5. Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

    How to cope with feelings of uncertainty and make a fresh start

    Your brain’s on overdrive during the pandemic. Health and wellness experts offer tips on how deal with it.
  6. FILE PHOTO: A person types on a laptop computer in Manhattan, New York City

    It's time you reset your boundaries, online and off. Here's how to do it

    Over the past year, many of us have played our different roles – professional, parent, student – all from the same space, home. Now, we’re ...
  7. CRU TV Bike 2

    This Singapore gym has a spin bike you can buy for your home workouts

    The CRU TV Bike, launched by fitness group CRU, comes equipped with a 21.5-inch rotating touchscreen for streaming cycling, boxing, yoga and HIIT ...
  8. The secret to a happy and vibrant old age? Strive to do what you love

    What's the secret to living longer? Take it from someone who just turned 80

    A health writer who has hit a birthday milestone shares what she's learnt over the years about the things that might help us live longer.
  9. Online workouts to try at home

    5 online workouts to try at home to get that adrenaline and endorphin rush

    Is your gym or fitness studio closed? Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t break a sweat.
  10. Young girl looking troubled

    Parents, here's how to look for signs that your teenager might be struggling

    During the pandemic, young people may battle with feelings of apprehension and uncertainty. Here's what parents can do.