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  1. Exercise may make it easier to bounce back from stress

    Exercise may make it easier to bounce back from stress, new study shows

    Regular exercise helped lab mice remain psychologically resilient even when their lives seemed filled with threats.
  2. Beyond Sun Lead

    Is your sunscreen really protecting your skin from the harmful effects of blue light?

    Some products claim to offer blue light protection of more than 100 per cent. Do they work? Brought to you by Crystal Tomato.
  3. Emotional strength HERO

    In order to build emotional strength, first expand your mind

    The quest to understand something new is a key factor to building the resilience necessary to weather setbacks and navigate life's volatility.
  4. Massage therapy without touching HERO

    Remote access: You can now get a massage without the touch

    Massage therapists are expanding their online offerings – teaching clients self-massage and stretches, meditations, utilising distance healing ...
  5. In an era of face mask CLOTH MASK

    In an era of face masks, we’re all a little more face blind

    Your brain's powers of facial recognition are going to need some time to get used to the coverings we're wearing to keep each other healthy.
  6. How to get your kid to wear a mask HERO

    Here's how you can make mask-wearing more tolerable for your child

    How to get your child to wear a mask and keep it on.
  7. Making connections HERO

    How to continue meeting new people in a pandemic? At a distance

    With many offices, gyms, churches and other places where people normally connect shut down, Living Room Conversations is one of several social ...
  8. Face shields and valved masks HERO

    Study shows face shields and valved masks offer more comfort but less protection

    While any face covering is better than nothing, clear plastic shields and masks with exhale valves allow large plumes of particles to escape and ...
  9. Dizziness upon standing up HERO

    Do you feel dizzy upon standing? You could have orthostatic hypotension

    The brief but precipitous drop in blood pressure causes lightheadedness or dizziness when standing up.
  10. Open palm holding pile of pills

    Pain, pain, go away: Why you shouldn't take over-the-counter painkillers lightly

    Other than allergic reactions (yes, even from paracetamol), you can also increase your risk of liver damage. CNA Lifestyle looks at the different ...