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  1. Plogging

    'Plogging' craze goes global as fitness fanatics take out the trash

    The movement, which combines fitness with environmentalism, began in Sweden.
  2. why following your passion is such bad advice

    Why the phrase 'find your passion' is such terrible advice, despite your enthusiasm

    Prepare for a hard truth: We’re pretty bad at most things when we first try them. The process is as important as your end goal.
  3. No you don't have to stop apologising

    No, you don't have to stop apologising – it is all about social context

    A little reframing of how we think about saying sorry is all it takes.
  4. couple in bed (from pixabay, no credit required)

    Women snore too – and just as loudly

  5. Heels gait (1)

    Pro tips for high heel lovers: How to walk safely and elegantly in those stilettos

    You may be wearing the sexiest Louboutins but if you’re not stepping right, you might walk like you’re wearing clown shoes – or worse, sprain your ...
  6. Hero Kelsey Wells

    How Instagram fitness star Kelsey Wells beat post-baby weight – and you can, too

    The social media star and creator of the PWR programme will also be conducting her signature workout in Singapore for the first time at ...
  7. Hero What goes on in wellness retreat

    Blue waters, white sand and therapeutic pilates at a luxury wellness retreat

    Sometimes, even if we don’t realise it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in extreme me-time – especially with a specially curated ...
  8. BC-WELL-BONE-FRACTURES-ART-NYTSF -- No caption. (CREDIT: Gracia Lam for The New York Times)   -- FO

    How to reduce the risk of a recurrence after recovering from a hip fracture

    Following a fracture, patients should have a bone density test, evaluation of calcium and Vitamin D levels and, in nearly all cases, medication to ...
  9. China's Lin Dan hits a return against Japan's Kanta Tsuneyama during their men's

    Watch the birdie: Badminton players at risk for eye injuries

    Badminton players may be at high risk for serious eye injuries, many of which can bring on permanent vision problems or blindness, according to a ...
  10. House cat file photo

    For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors: Study

    Pet cats allowed outdoors are nearly three times as likely to become infected with pathogens or parasites than those confined to quarters.