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  1. Sneezing on people

    Is there a safe zone to escape the germs when someone sneezes near you?

    What if someone on the MRT unleashes one right next to you? And what if you hold your breath? Bless you, we’ve got the answers.

    Afraid of burning out from work? 10 small changes in your life to avoid that

    Like everyone else, The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington gets stressed out because of work – here’s what she does to get out of the funk.
  3. Photo of a bed with pillows

    What’s your pillow made of? How down feathers made someone really sick

    It turns out, there’s a small subset of lung diseases called “feather duvet lung” – and it has something to do with what’s in your bedding and ...
  4. woman-between-men-facing-mountains-1255062

    Friendships have a bigger impact on your health than romantic relationships

    Here another reason to treasure your friends: You'll live longer. That's according to multiple studies around the world. Time to call your army ...
  5. Man in a plane looking into his bag

    Travel a lot for work? Stay healthy, keep fit and eat well with these tips

    Thanks to limited options (hotel food) and tight schedules (lots of meetings), business travellers often have a hard time keeping to their diets ...
  6. How to improve your posture

    How to look younger, thinner and more powerful? Maintain perfect posture

    Bad posture and poor alignment is rampant, the result of stress, wearing high heels, lugging heavy bags, and/or being glued to laptops and phones.
  7. Mobile phone smartphone addiction Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Digital stress - why it's time to change your relationship with your phone

    Too much time spent on your mobile devices can induce stress but, according to the University of Sydney's Brad Ridout, you don’t need to get rid ...
  8. llamas

    Are llamas good for you? Say hello to the new contributor to pet therapy

    The charismatic llama is a welcome addition at some nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.
  9. Breast Cancer Prevention

    Shifting the focus of breast cancer to prevention

    If protective measures were widely adopted, they could significantly reduce women’s chances of ever getting breast cancer.
  10. Farting

    What makes farts smelly or noisy? And is it safe to hold these in?

    How many times do you fart in a day? Are men's farts really smellier than women's? CNA Lifestyle asked the experts everything you wanted to know ...