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  1. How weight training changes the brain

    How weight training can change the brain – and possibly improve memory and cognition

    In animals, weight training appeared to promote the creation of new neurons in the memory centres of the brain.
  2. Shielding kids from the sun isn't just about sunscreen

    Shielding kids from the sun isn't just about sunscreen – these precautions are more important

    Experts say other steps should include seeking shade, avoiding the most intense hours of sun exposure and wearing hats and clothing to protect the ...
  3. A woman with skin tags on her neck

    What are those bits of hanging skin on your body? And how do you get rid of them?

    Skin tags tend to crop up when you reach your 40s. While relatively harmless, having a lot can indicate problems like diabetes or a hormonal ...
  4. Butt piles haemorrhoids

    Smart phones, weight lifting and mala are causing problems in the loo for Singaporeans

    There's an uptick in the number of cases involving haemorrhoids – or piles – say the experts. And it's mainly got to do with our lifestyle choices.
  5. BC-WELL-SUNGLASSES-ART-NYTSF -- No Caption. (CREDIT: Gracia Lam for The New York Times) FOR USE ONL

    How to choose the best sunglasses to protect your eyes

    Lenses that transition in sunlight to become sunglasses help protect eyes from dust, bugs, drying breezes and, most important of all, the damaging ...
  6. Sleep tracking Apps Glenn Harvey The New York Times

    Can sleep-tracking devices and apps detect health problems and do they really work?

    There is a plethora of wearable gadgets from companies like Fitbit and Apple, which claim that their sensor-laden bracelets and watches can ...
  7. BC-WELL-CALORIES-ART-NYTSF -- 10/29/2014  :    /    Chocolate chip cookies in New York, Oct. 29, 20

    Will cutting 300 calories from your daily diet increase your lifespan?

    Calorie restriction has led to weight loss, lower cholesterol and less inflammation. Whether it extends life span and wards off disease long-term ...
  8. Sauna woman

    Does using the sauna actually help you lose weight? And does it count as cardio?

    Sweating it out in a wooden box doesn't work as a "detox" – but it might have other health benefits, like reducing the risk of heart disease and ...
  9. StepUp dashboard

    Want free local data? Singtel and AIA partner up for you to walk for it

    Each step you take earns points that can be redeemed for rewards on the new wellness platform StepUp.
  10. Pet dog teenager adolescent development

    What do teenagers need? Ask the family pet, say experts

    Pets provide comforts that seem tailor-made for the stresses of normal adolescent development.