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  1. How to get your kid to wear a mask HERO

    Here's how you can make mask-wearing more tolerable for your child

    How to get your child to wear a mask and keep it on.
  2. Making connections HERO

    How to continue meeting new people in a pandemic? At a distance

    With many offices, gyms, churches and other places where people normally connect shut down, Living Room Conversations is one of several social ...
  3. Face shields and valved masks HERO

    Study shows face shields and valved masks offer more comfort but less protection

    While any face covering is better than nothing, clear plastic shields and masks with exhale valves allow large plumes of particles to escape and ...
  4. Dizziness upon standing up HERO

    Do you feel dizzy upon standing? You could have orthostatic hypotension

    The brief but precipitous drop in blood pressure causes lightheadedness or dizziness when standing up.
  5. Open palm holding pile of pills

    Pain, pain, go away: Why you shouldn't take over-the-counter painkillers lightly

    Other than allergic reactions (yes, even from paracetamol), you can also increase your risk of liver damage. CNA Lifestyle looks at the different ...
  6. Artificial Sweeteners NYT

    Can artificial sweeteners really keep us from gaining weight?

    Sugar substitutes may help stave off weight gain, but they have metabolic effects that some experts find concerning.
  7. BC-WELL-BREAST-CANCER-RISK-ART-NYTSF — Medication and Lifestyle May Lower Breast Cancer Risk (Graci

    Medication, diet and lifestyle may lower a woman's risk of breast cancer, according to reports

    There is compelling evidence that two classes of drugs normally prescribed following breast cancer treatment can also help prevent the disease.
  8. Man running on a treadmill

    Want greater immunity? Studies show that exercise may boost your vaccine response

    Two new studies of elite athletes found that working out amplifies the immune response to a flu shot.
  9. BC-WELL-PANDEMIC-BOUNDARIES-ART-NYTSF —How to Set Pandemic Boundaries for Relatives (Nadia Hafid/Th

    Feeling overwhelmed? Here's how to set pandemic boundaries for your relatives

    You’d do anything for them in a crisis, but the crisis isn’t going away. Here’s how to get your life back.
  10. Kombucha drinks

    The truth about kombucha: Everyone’s crazy about it but is it really healthy for you?

    Can this fermented sugared tea really improve digestion and protect you from cancer? Is it safe for everyone? You might be better off having yoghurt.