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  1. A couple hugging each other

    Was 2019 tough for you? 8 ways to be kinder to yourself in 2020

    From cultivating casual friendships to embracing guilty pleasures, here are simple tips on how to look out for yourself this year.
  2. body wide inflammation nyt

    Did you know that body-wide inflammation is tied to most chronic health diseases?

    Here's how to tackle inflammation to fight age-related ailments and enable people to live longer, healthier lives.
  3. Enthusiasm for barefoot running fizzled in 2019, while interest in high-intensity exercise soared.

    Looking back at how fitness has changed and evolved this past decade

    Dogs and high-intensity exercise are in. Barefoot running is out
  4. dad parent and child at the beach

    How to better communicate with your children this coming new year

    Be a sports presenter. Make a glitter jar. Get a pet. Whether or not you rely on strategies like these, the central advice is to listen more.
  5. A composite photo of beer in glasses and actress Priscelia Chan

    Priscelia Chan, cardiac arrest and farts: Top 10 health stories of 2019

    To wrap up the year, CNA Lifestyle looks back at the health and wellness stories you’ve eagerly read and shared.
  6. Close-up of a roasted turkey

    Christmas foods that are actually healthy for you – and they're not vegetables

    Ever wondered if any of the Christmas treats are good for you? You don't have to feel guilty asking for second helpings of these.
  7. Mina Ayman, 18 years old, a member of young Egyptian football club, exercises at Je Suis, the first

    Playing sports can block off unwanted noise – and help you to think better

    A new study revealed how the brains of fit, young athletes can dial down extraneous sound and attend to important ones more, which may change how ...
  8. Young people hanging out together

    How to find time for friends you’ve neglected because you’re too busy

    Want to have a truly balanced life? Friends are part of the equation – and they tend to be less demanding of our time than family or work. But ...
  9. Neon sign saying "BlahBlahBlah"

    Know someone who talks too much? How to get out of a one-way conversation

    Yes, “overtalkers” are everywhere. If you really can’t take it anymore, here are some helpful strategies – as well as tips if you realise you’re ...
  10. How to deal with difficult relatives over the holidays

    Family feud? Here’s how to deal with difficult relatives over the holidays

    You can’t control how other family members will act, but you can control how you respond to their actions.