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  1. Juvenile narwhal swimming with a family pod of beluga whales in Canada's Saint Lawrence River

    Canada takes new steps to protect endangered right whales

  2. Yoko Ichihara prepares whale bacon at the kitchen of her restaurant named P-man in Minamiboso

    Raw, fried or on a bun: The many ways Japan eats whale

    Whale cutlets, sliced raw whale, deep-fried whale nuggets, whale bacon and whale jerky feature on the menu at the restaurant Yoko Ichihara runs - ...
  3. A humpback whale breaches off the coast at Clovelly Beach in Sydney

    'Thar she blows!' Scientists use drones to monitor whale health

    "Thar she blows!"
  4. Japan IWC

    Commentary: Japan PM Shinzo Abe’s harpoon hits the wrong target

    Japan Prime Minister has done himself and his country a disservice for withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission, says Financial ...
  5. FILE PHOTO:  Worker sprays water on a Baird's Beaked whale before butchering it, as shadows of

    Japan to announce withdrawal from International Whaling Commission on Wednesday - media

    Japan on Wednesday will announce its decision to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in a bid to resume commercial whaling, ...
  6. Handout illustration showing an artistic reconstruction of a mother and calf of Maiabalaena nesbitt

    Ancient toothless whale was forerunner of modern cetacean giants

    A prehistoric 15-foot-long (4.5 meters) whale that sucked prey into its mouth represents a key missing puzzle piece concerning the evolution of ...
  7. Humpback whale with her calf is seen near the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion

    Testy humpback whale chases away watchers who get too close

    Divers off the Indian Ocean island of Reunion have been warned: Give the whales some space or expect a fin for your troubles.
  8. Whale protestors

    Battle lines drawn fast at global whaling huddle

    A key meeting on whales opened to early confrontation Monday with Japan seeking an end to a 30-year moratorium on whale hunting, and others ...