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  1. FILE PHOTO: EU flags flutter outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

    EU countries agree joint stance ahead of WhatsApp, Skype privacy talks

    EU countries on Wednesday agreed to take a joint position in forthcoming negotiations with EU lawmakers and the European Commission on planned ...
  2. Big Read Jan 16 (1)

    Commentary: What’s stopping Signal, Telegram and other messaging platforms from going the way of WhatsApp?

    Before uninstalling Whatsapp, consider how these alternatives stack up in terms of security and monetisation strategies, says NTU's Saifuddin Ahmed.
  3. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: A logo of WhatsApp is pictured on a T-shirt worn by a WhatsApp-Reliance Jio

    India parliament panel questions Facebook on WhatsApp's privacy terms

    Facebook executives on Thursday fielded questions from an Indian parliamentary panel about changes to WhatsApp's privacy policy, days after the ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: A logo of WhatsApp is pictured on a T-shirt worn by a WhatsApp-Reliance Jio

    India asks Facebook's WhatsApp to withdraw privacy policy update

    India's technology ministry has asked WhatsApp to withdraw changes to its privacy policy the messenger announced this month, saying the new terms ...
  5. Signal-Telegram-WhatsApp

    Commentary: WhatsApp’s new T&Cs could spark changes to how data and privacy are managed

    Brewing concerns about Big Tech and the challenges around informed consent aside, this episode is a chance to rethink privacy in an increasingly ...
  6. A woman walks past a poster of Reliance Industries installed outside the venue of the company'

    Reliance to embed e-commerce app into WhatsApp within six months: Mint

    Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries plans to embed its ecommerce app JioMart into WhatsApp within six months, financial daily Mint reported ...
  7. Silhouettes of mobile users are seen next to a screen projection of Whatsapp logo in this picture i

    WhatsApp to delay launch of update business features after privacy backlash

    Facebook Inc's WhatsApp is delaying an update aimed at increasing business transactions on the platform after a storm of concern from users who ...
  8. WhatsApp is being remodeled in front of our eyes. Watch what happens because even if you don’t use

    Want to find out the real truth about your WhatsApp data?

    Here's exactly why there was a recent backlash to WhatsApp, and what, if anything, has changed.