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  1. Special: COVID by numbers
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    Why It Matters Special: COVID By Numbers

    From e-commerce scams, to cancer diagnoses, to cosmetic enhancements, to even the occurrences of damaged teeth – the pandemic has changed us in ...
  2. Killer Heat
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    Ep 8: Killer Heat

    Singapore is a sunny island set in the sea. But Joshua finds out being surrounded by water may well be lethal in the age of global warming.
  3. Blockchain
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    Ep 5: On The Menu - Blockchain (Part 1)

    What's blockchain doing in your dinner? Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but Joshua Lim finds out that food companies ...
  4. Reversing A Cashless Mistake
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    Ep 5: Reversing A Cashless Mistake

    Transferring money has never been easier and faster with mobile wallets. But what happens if you make a mistake? How can you get your money back?
  5. The Plane Truth
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    Ep 2: The Plane Truth

    When you fly, do you hunt for the cheapest ticket online? Are we gambling with our lives when we do so? Joshua Lim finds out.
  6. Taken For A Ride
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    Ep 2: Taking The Right Turn?

    Ride-hailing apps have become the way to get around in congested Jakarta. Yet it is not all rosy for the motorcycle riders depending on the apps ...
  7. What's The Skinny On Being Skinny?
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    Ep 3: What's The Skinny On Being Skinny?

    There exists among us, a privileged group of people who have been blessed by nature - they just can't get fat. How do skinny people stay skinny ...
  8. New Content Item
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    Ep 4: Does My Digital Clutter Matter?

    Do you need to 'Marie Kondo' your digital space? Joshua discovers how your digital clutter can have a larger than life impact.   
  9. Climate Change Gets Personal
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    Ep 7: Climate Change Gets Personal

    Warming oceans, tropical storm surges & polar ice caps losing their gravitational pull - Joshua uncovers a whole host of factors that will worsen ...
  10. New Content Item
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    Ep 3: How To Survive A Pandemic: How Is The Pandemic Changing Us?

    COVID-19 did not just attack our bodies, it also exposed how easily the things we take for granted in our lives can disappear overnight. Host ...