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    Ep 1: How To Survive A Pandemic: How Much Longer?

    When will life as we know it return?  From examining what the safe distance should be, to catching up with the scientists at the frontlines of ...
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    Ep 6: How Scary Are Deepfakes?

    To replace a face with another on a video used to take hours. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it can now be done within minutes. What dangers ...
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    Ep 2: How To Survive A Pandemic: Living Virtually

    Going crazy from being stuck at home? What if all you needed was a pair of Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to travel the world, have a birthday party ...
  4. The Race To 5G
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    Ep 1: The Race To 5G

    South Korea is the first country in the world to launch 5G mobile networks. Why It Matters travels to Seoul to experience how 5G will change the ...
  5. Ready For The Future Of Food
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    Ep 8: Ready For The Future Of Food

    Did you know the grime that grows on your fish tank is a nutritional powerhouse - and that's what you may be having for dinner in the future?
  6. Bad Pho-mance
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    Ep 1: Bad Pho-mance

    Nomophobia. That’s what researchers call the anxiety you feel when you are without your phone. Joshua Lim uncovers if your phone dependency is far ...
  7. Blockchain
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    Ep 6: On The Menu - Blockchain (Part 2)

    What's blockchain doing in your dinner? Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but Joshua Lim finds out that food companies ...
  8. Losing Yourself
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    Ep 9: Losing Yourself

    Is free wifi safe to use? Can 'secured' websites be faked? Is your personal information really worth stealing? In his hunt for answers, host ...
  9. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: Should We Hack Our DNA?

    Hack your DNA, and change your destiny. CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene editing tool that can eradicate diseases, and maybe one day even enhance our looks, ...
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    Ep 8: Why Aim For Space

    The space race is heating up once again - with space superpowers and private companies with deep pockets attempting missions to the Moon and beyond.