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  1. Wild boar attacks Japanese salaryman

    Wild boar attacks man in Japan after hitting dead end

  2. Wild boars trapped off Sime Road

    Wild boars found trapped in cage off Sime Road

  3. pregnant wild boar killed

    Pregnant wild boar killed in accident on BKE

  4. Soldier boar attack collage

    SAF soldier praised for coming to the aid of boar attack victim

  5. Hillview Boar 2

    Boar attack victim had 'deep' 10cm cut on left thigh: Eyewitness

  6. Hillview boar 1

    Man injured after boar attack at Hillview Road; AVA monitoring situation

    Channel NewsAsia understands the boar has died.
  7. boar 1

    Indonesian villages pit wild boars against dogs

  8. pasir ris boar 6

    What to do if a wild boar gets caught in your headlights

    Road safety experts also urged authorities to put up warning signs along roads with frequent wild boar sightings.