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    Wild City: River World

    Life is tough on Singapore’s waterways for wild younglings. Baby otters in the Botanic Gardens learn to swim and hunt while avoiding predators and ...
  2. wild city islands
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    Wild Islands

    The third part of the series explores Singapore's island wild -- far from the city, past the port, sandy beaches, coral reefs and murky mangroves ...
  3. Urban Wild
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    Urban Wild

    David Attenborough continues to explore wildlife in urban Singapore. From civets taking up residence in roof cavities to pythons hunting in ...
  4. Hidden Wild
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    Hidden Wild

    This documentary explores Singapore's hidden wilderness - overlooked areas of the island that are home to a variety of fascinating creatures, such ...
  5. Secret World
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    Secret World

    From paper wasps performing a secret operation outside an MRT station to banded bullfrogs battling it out in the deserted neighbourhood of Dakota, ...
  6. Wild City: Forest Life
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    Forest Life

    In this 4th instalment of the Wild City series, we explore Singapore’s forests - home to one of the least-known primates in the world, flying ...