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  1. july 21 pangolin scales and ivory

    Singapore to ban domestic trade in ivory

  2. FILE PHOTO: Pacific black brant fly past Mount Dutton over the Izembek Lagoon in the Izembek Nation

    Alaska lawsuit seeks to block Trump road deal through refuge

  3. Thai Tiger 2

    Commentary: Tigers belong in the wild, not in our homes, the streets or farms

    Tigers are at risk of extinction. We need to start taking tiger conservation seriously, says Vilma D’Rozario.
  4. Endangered elephant dies in Malaysia highway accident

    Endangered Malaysian elephant killed on highway

  5. Seven dead tigers found in car in Vietnam (1)

    Seven dead tigers found in car in Vietnam

  6. A dog drinks water at a fountain during a hot summer day in Brussels

    Ice cubes for tigers as heatwave smashes records in Europe

    Belgian zookeepers fed chickens in giant ice cubes to tigers on Wednesday as northern Europe baked in record temperatures during another heatwave ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Beluga whale swims in the River Thames near Gravesend, east of London

    'Benny the Beluga' left the Thames on New Year's Day

    A beluga whale that spent over three months in the River Thames left the British capital around the start of the year, the Port of London ...
  8. Terengganu tiger dies

    Roaming tiger captured in Terengganu dies from virus

  9. Sunset in Costa Rica

    Travel diaries: Experiencing the wild magic of Tanzania and Costa Rica as a couple

    A pair of photography enthusiasts travel the world, driven by their shared desire to capture the natural wonders as Mother Nature intended. This ...