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    The one where Malaysia’s Prime Minister resigns, throwing a government into disarray and marrying your way out of poverty in Indonesia

    Up for consideration this week…. We wade through the political turmoil after Malaysia’s 94-year-old Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad resigns and ...
  2. Capybaras sit inside a hot tub full of apples at Izu Shaboten Zoo in Ito

    Olympics and Year of the Rat give starring role to Japan's capybaras

    Sinking into the steamy hot springs, the giant rodents of Izu Shaboten Koen flick their ears and close their eyes against the camera clicks of ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Britain's Prince Harry visits Malawi

    UK press watchdog rejects Prince Harry's complaint over drugged wildlife article

    A tabloid had said the African wildlife animals he had taken photos of and posted on social media to highlight conservation were tied up.
  4. A worker in a protective suit is seen at the closed seafood market in Wuhan

    Commentary: The Wuhan virus and the problem with the wildlife trade

    The Wuhan virus outbreak suggests we still haven't learnt the lessons from SARS, says an expert.
  5. Veterinary surgeons said they have come across koalas, birds, wallabies and possums suffering from

    Koalas, wallabies endangered by Australia bushfires 'ecological disaster'

    The Australian government committed AUS$50 million to an emergency wildlife recovery program on Monday, calling the bushfires crisis engulfing the ...
  6. Laidback baby chimp

    Commentary: The problem with sharing cute exotic animal pics

    Shareable online images of chimpanzees, elephants and other animals are threatening their conservation and welfare, says one observer.
  7. FILE PHOTO: Formula One - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    F1 champion Hamilton donates US$500,000 to Australian wildlife rescue

    Six-times Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton said on Thursday he was donating US$500,000 (382,819 pounds) towards the rescue and care of ...