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  1. China is set to become the world's second largest wine consumer by 2021

    Commentary: Can China produce grape wine as fine as the French?

    China produces everything from furniture to phones but can it crack the fine wine market dominated by European nations for centuries? This ...
  2. The new probe into wine imports comes as relations between Australia and China grow increasingly

    Commentary: Why China is turning sour on Australia wines

    Given China’s displeasure with Australia’s approach to the relationship this year, some might view the investigation as a thinly veiled economic ...
  3. Wine Lust The Summerhouse

    Wine lovers, enjoy food pairings, tasting sessions at this year's Wine Lust festival

    The fourth edition of 1-Group's Wine Lust festival kicks off on Sep 1. Restaurants participating this year include UNA, Monti, The Summerhouse and ...
  4. Chen Chien-hao, 52, holds a glass of his wine at Shu Sheng Leisure Domaine in Taichung

    Taiwan's award-winning winemaker aims to rejuvenate fading tradition

    Chen Chien-hao's red and white wines took gold medals at a prestigious competition in Paris earlier this year.
  5. Pinnacle wines and spirits

    Who is the father-and-son team behind one of Singapore’s top wine distributors?

    After 16 years in the business, Pinnacle Wine & Spirits’ Tan Kim Hai and Caleb Tan have come to understand that bringing in what the market needs ...
  6. COVID-19 and a new era of wine service in Singapore’s fine-dining scene

    COVID-19 and a new era of wine service in Singapore’s fine-dining scene

    Get ready for interactive digital wine lists, more non-verbal cues, and shorter wine dinners as sommeliers adapt to a new normal.
  7. Fine wine investment

    Amid volatile markets, fine wine has performed better than global stocks

    Prices of fine wines have held up well this year compared with other asset classes. In the first three months of 2020, the MSCI’s world equity ...
  8. Best wine gadgets to optimise your wine enjoyment at home

    4 of the best wine gadgets to optimise your wine enjoyment at home

    While wine lovers can get their vino fix dining in at some restaurants in Phase 2, investing in a few choice wine gadgets can make drinking at ...

    Francis Ford Coppola’s winery and other estates are fighting COVID-19

    From Coppola’s California estate to French and Italian producers, wineries are spreading positivity by raising funds to support needy communities ...