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  1. Phoebe Gormley

    Woman in a man’s world: How this entrepreneur found success on Savile Row

    Phoebe Gormley runs a profitable business: Savile Row’s first-ever tailor shop catering to women. But her path to success has been fraught with ...
  2. Hero Solid Gold

    With fashion’s Gold Index at an all-time high, is a new Gilded Age upon us?

    24K magic is in the air this season.
  3. What to wear on holiday in 2019: Women

    The best resort wear trends to raise your style game this vacation season

    Take a cue from CNA Luxury’s resort wear playbook and your Insta-perfect summer vacation begins now.
  4. Hero Fanny Moizant 2

    Why selling your unused fashion items can be good for the environment

    Consignment retailer Vestiare Collective’s Fanny Moizant weighs in at the launch of the site’s VIP Concierge Service in Singapore.
  5. Hero Tom Ford

    Tom Ford: Portrait of a perfectionist, anal-retentive, painfully shy vegan designer

    According to designer Diane von Furstenberg, Tom Ford is “a cross between a Rolls-Royce and the Marlboro Man”. And, as one fan wrote in a YouTube ...
  6. Hero Leggings Unsplash Melody Jacob

    Leggings in a post-#MeToo world: Are they symbols of seduction or freedom?

    Leggings have become an unexpected source of controversy, much like how miniskirts and jeans caused uproars in earlier eras.
  7. Utility Fashion 2

    Make cargo pants sexy again: The perennial appeal of Utilitarian Fashion

    The style was born out of necessity in the 1940s. Now, hardly a season goes by without utilitarian fashion sailing into stores around the world.
  8. The return of elegance in fashion hero 2

    Ugly Fashion is on its way out. All hail the return to elegance, hurrah!

    We may not be completely rid of giant jackets yet, but at least platform Crocs are safely a thing of the past…wait, what’s this 032 x Birkenstock ...