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  1. How to gracefully leverage an outside job offer

    How to gracefully leverage an outside job offer to work in your favour

    Some things you should do include gathering intel, consulting mentors and making your case.
  2. Four day workweek

    Happy Friday! Will the four-day workweek ever see the light of day?

    Employee happiness, work-life balance and increased productivity are some of the benefits of a reduced workweek. So why haven’t more companies ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A cyclist rides a bicyle as he delivers food for Deliveroo, an example of the emergence

    Commentary: Workers in the gig economy feel lonely, anxious and powerless

    In the gig economy, you are subject to the whims of fluctuating demand and a star system that rates every interaction, say three experts.

    Afraid of burning out from work? 10 small changes in your life to avoid that

    Like everyone else, The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington gets stressed out because of work – here’s what she does to get out of the funk.
  5. FILE PHOTO: The Goldman Sachs company logo is seen in the company's space on the floor of the

    Goldman Sachs unveils internal campaign on use of gender identity pronouns

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc said on Friday it has launched an internal campaign to promote awareness about pronouns and how employees self-identify.
  6. FILE PHOTO: The Toyota logo is shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show

    Toyota says labour officials found it responsible for worker suicide

    Toyota Motor Corp on Tuesday said Japanese labour officials have found it responsible for the suicide of an employee, with the Mainichi Shimbun ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: WeWork offices in San Francisco

    Former WeWork employee sues for pregnancy discrimination

    The former chief of staff to ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has accused him and the company of discrimination, saying she feared for the health of ...
  8. File photo of a construction site in Singapore.

    17 workplace deaths in first half of 2019, rise in non-fatal injuries

  9. Depression

    Shift work tied to poor mental health

  10. Illustration of a woman buried underground for the New York Times

    How to motivate yourself if you don't feel like going to work tomorrow

    Being uninspired at work is part of the job. Read about some simple techniques to get your mojo back, like taking timeouts during the day.