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  1. Mirazur restaurant

    World’s best restaurant Mirazur to open 3-month pop-up in Singapore

    The famed French restaurant, which took the top spot at the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards in 2019, is setting up a pop-up from May 14 to Aug ...
  2. two men chatting

    Commentary: Why ranking employees by performance is a zombie idea

    The forced distribution model of appraising workers is disastrous for a company’s culture, yet it refuses to die, says the Financial Times’ Sarah ...
  3. person, woman, writes an email, working on laptop, in meeting

    Commentary: COVID-19 could finally break bad habits in out-of-office emails

    The humble auto-reply has come into its own now that time off really has to mean time off, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  4. Hero-3-ladies

    Returning to the office? Singapore women share tips on what to wear

    Ladies, it’s time to ditch your WFH casuals. Here’s what these corporate warriors plan to wear when they head back to the office.
  5. Acing the online interview EMAIL

    Commentary: You're using email all wrong and it's causing angst to everyone else

    Emails are problematic not when they use the wrong sign-off but when they waste time and attention, says the Financial Times’ Tim Harford.
  6. The Manhattan skyline is seen during sunset from the Brooklyn borough of New York City, during the

    Commentary: The exodus of high-skilled jobs from superstar cities

    If you can do your job from anywhere, someone anywhere can do your job, says the Financial Times’ Simon Kuper.
  7. Close-up of fingers on a keyboard

    Commentary: Thousands of emails in your inbox? You may be a digital hoarder

    Research has begun to recognise that hoarding can be a problem in the digital world, says a psychology professor.
  8. Man using handphone while looking out of window

    Commentary: Here’s a way to avoid Zoom burnout – revert to good old phone calls

    There’s evidence that using audio only might be more productive than an overload of screen meetings, says a researcher.
  9. file photo phone woman 2

    Commentary: Phonecalls make some anxious but practice can give you confidence

    The fear and avoidance of phone conversations is common among those with social anxiety disorder, says a psychologist.
  10. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: Millennials aren’t the only ‘burnout generation’. Just ask the rest of us

    To frame frustration, anxiety and malaise as a “millennial problem” would be a disservice to other generational groups, says a business lecturer.