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  1. Tips for working from home HERO

    Working from home has its perks. Here's how to put the advantages to best use

    Tip one: Try to get up at the same time, and do all the things you would typically do to get ready for work.
  2. Marina Bay Sands dusk

    IN FOCUS: How a year of COVID-19 changed Singapore forever

    A year after Singapore reported its first COVID-19 case, CNA examines how the pandemic has changed the country.
  3. The pandemic of work from home injuries

    Commentary: Self-discipline in work routines more critical than ever this year

    Being a successful remote worker requires deep reserves of self-discipline. Otherwise, burnout follows, says an observer.
  4. Woman working on her laptop

    Commentary: After a year of working from home, I am exhausted. I just want it to end

    I need the office – at least some of the time – so I can walk away, says the Financial Times' Emma Jacobs.
  5. Man using laptop

    Commentary: Being forced to log on to work from home created stress and fatigue for workers

    Employers should enter 2021 resolving to communicate clearly boundaries on when responses to work are required, says NUS Business School’s Dr ...
  6. work from home Japan FILE

    Commentary: Managers should stop treating work-from-home as a luxury

    The office was never meant to be at home but because this arrangement is here to stay, bosses need to change the way they respond to their ...
  7. man laptop mask covid work from home office laptop

    Commentary: The shift to remote work could see more jobs moving overseas where it's cheaper

    Office jobs aren’t going to disappear, but the past year might persuade companies to shrink their permanent staff, says the Financial Times' Sarah ...
  8. Insurers launch new policies as consumer needs evolve | Video
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    Insurers launch new policies as consumer needs evolve | Video

    From cyber protection to work-from-home insurance - new types of insurance policies are emerging. Analysts say this can help plug the gap amid the ...