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  1. People wearing protective face masks (4)

    Commentary: Worried about keeping your job? Here’s advice to soothe your concerns no matter how old you are

    Managing your career is an individual responsibility, with or without a pandemic, says Paul Heng.
  2. Ep 7
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    Ep 7: Are You Ready For The Future Of Work?

    COVID-19 is pushing the world into the largest-ever workplace experiment - with remote work. How will it change offices, cities or even the job ...
  3. Nap sleep hammock

    Commentary: These firms giving staff more time off should be applauded

    Leaders are signalling that they understand burnout as a serious side-effect of the pandemic, no matter where people work, says the Financial ...
  4. The Big Read: Some firms know normalcy is not returning

    The Big Read: Some firms know normalcy is not returning - the sooner everyone else realises it the better

    Singapore companies and workers have little choice but to swim with the tide brought upon by a pandemic-imposed new order, rather than continue to ...
  5. A general view shows newly occupied Housing Development Board (HDB)

    Commentary: When Singapore homes become workspaces – huge changes in the house and beyond

    Big changes in the home, residential estates and the Central Business District are underway, say Kwok Tian Long and Sing Tien Foo.
  6. work from home Japan FILE

    Most executives seek work-life balance after experiencing COVID-19 pandemic blues: Survey

    Nearly eight out of 10 corporate executives have experienced poor mental health during the coronavirus crisis, prompting a number of them to ...
  7. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: Maybe bosses shouldn’t try to be funny and make jokes at the office

    Should bosses be funny? And when should they quit joking around? Lily Cheng and Peter Cheng discuss how to navigate humour in the workplace.
  8. Woman in thoughts with laptop

    Commentary: Why do you not feel like working from home? You’re probably procrastinating more

    Amid mixed reactions to remote working, Singapore Management University’s Paul Lim says tackling the sources of procrastination could stem dips in ...
  9. woman on imac at home office desk

    Commentary: Please don’t end work from home. It’s not that bad

    Workers have complained about working from home since offices migrated into homes since the coronavirus outbreak, but we are only on the cusp of ...