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  1. Asian office workers at a communal table

    Commentary: Complying with a 52-hour work week cap should not be this hard

    Three in five firms in South Korea have found it hard to meet the new legislation, which kicked in last year and aimed to tackle the country’s ...
  2. Why You Should Find Time to Be Alone With Yourself

    Going solo isn't bad: Why you should find time to be alone with yourself

    In a culture where we often confuse being alone for loneliness, the ability to appreciate time by ourselves prevents us from processing the ...
  3. Four day workweek

    Happy Friday! Will the four-day workweek ever see the light of day?

    Employee happiness, work-life balance and increased productivity are some of the benefits of a reduced workweek. So why haven’t more companies ...
  4. How to maximise your spare room 4

    Commentary: Here’s how to remove the roadblocks to flexible working arrangements

    Flexible work has the potential to solve many issues that see people fall out of the workforce but many companies still struggle to do it right, ...
  5. office workers at work

    Commentary: How top firms raise successful leaders? By giving them sabbaticals

    Packing senior leaders off can also help those left behind: people filling in can prove their worth in ways that are otherwise impossible, says ...
  6. Man in his twenties working on a laptop.

    Commentary: Are you better off working from home than in the office?

    With open-plan offices, dual-income households and the need for deep thinking, might you be more productive working from home? RMIT’s Carys Chan ...
  7. Japan salarymen

    Four-day work week boosts sales in overworked Japan: Microsoft

  8. Woman in office setting chewing on a pencil

    Commentary: How can I beat the curse of endless office emails?

    Tired of that never-ending stream of work emails? We should not have allowed technology to doom us to endless distraction, says the Financial ...
  9. Binod Chaudhary

    How to achieve work-life balance: 7 top tips from Nepal’s only billionaire

    Binod Chaudhary, chairman of the country’s largest multinational conglomerate, sticks to his favourite traditional tried-and-tested methods to ...
  10. Students wait in line to enter the University of California, Berkeley's electrical engineering

    Commentary: Do not fear retrenchment. Four tips for working professionals in a downturn

    Being attractive to potential hirers will involve asking for help and refreshing your online profiles, among other steps you can take, says Adrian ...