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  1. Man looking at the computer screen with head rested on hand.

    Commentary: Buried under a bursting inbox? It’s time to stop our problematic email habits

    Bad email habits like unnecessary exchanges and spamming recipients who need not be involved are leading to poor work outcomes, say Carys Chan.
  2. People wearing mask at Orchard Road Singapore Feb 3 (44)

    Commentary: The biggest work-from-home exercise may have just begun. How ready is Singapore?

    Many Singapore workers already say they work from home at least once a week so the implementation of flexible work arrangements as part of ...
  3. woman on imac at home office desk

    Commentary: Working from home because of the coronavirus? Don't expect it to be paradise

    The office gives you a better chance of picking up new ideas — and more, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  4. office meeting room empty work life

    Commentary: When a rude boss keeps you waiting, why not get up and leave?

    If you decide to leave you will gain the satisfaction of preserving your dignity, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  5. Back backache work sitting computer deskbound

    Commentary: Why bosses should let employees surf the web at work

    Cyberloafing may act as a relief valve for workers, helping them recover from stress, says an expert.
  6. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
    Media playtime

    Women earning less than men: Who bears the burden of change?

    Women in Singapore earned 6 per cent less than men for similar work in 2018, down from 8.8 per cent in 2002. What are the obstacles to narrowing ...
  7. Asian office workers at a communal table

    Commentary: Complying with a 52-hour work week cap should not be this hard

    Three in five firms in South Korea have found it hard to meet the new legislation, which kicked in last year and aimed to tackle the country’s ...
  8. Why You Should Find Time to Be Alone With Yourself

    Going solo isn't bad: Why you should find time to be alone with yourself

    In a culture where we often confuse being alone for loneliness, the ability to appreciate time by ourselves prevents us from processing the ...
  9. Four day workweek

    Happy Friday! Will the four-day workweek ever see the light of day?

    Employee happiness, work-life balance and increased productivity are some of the benefits of a reduced workweek. So why haven’t more companies ...
  10. How to maximise your spare room 4

    Commentary: Here’s how to remove the roadblocks to flexible working arrangements

    Flexible work has the potential to solve many issues that see people fall out of the workforce but many companies still struggle to do it right, ...