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  1. man using computer

    Commentary: Remote working promised freedom, but seems to be delivering the exact opposite

    COVID-19 has forced many of us to do the daily shift from home. An anthropologist who observed a group of remote workers raises some concerns and ...
  2. People wearing masks (7)

    Commentary: No ordinary disruption – a rising generation meets the coronavirus

    Facing extraordinary disruption, Singapore students in higher education may view the future with pessimism but this COVID-19 outbreak presents a ...
  3. Man looking at the computer screen with head rested on hand.

    Commentary: Buried under a bursting inbox? It’s time to stop our problematic email habits

    Bad email habits like unnecessary exchanges and spamming recipients who need not be involved are leading to poor work outcomes, say Carys Chan.
  4. A couple wearing masks to prevent contracting the coronavirus hugs each other at a Han River park i

    Commentary: How to avoid a fight when you're worried about COVID-19 but your other half isn't

    In the face of a frightening coronavirus pandemic, my partner and I are responding quite differently, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  5. People wearing mask at Orchard Road Singapore Feb 3 (44)

    Commentary: The biggest work-from-home exercise may have just begun. How ready is Singapore?

    Many Singapore workers already say they work from home at least once a week so the implementation of flexible work arrangements as part of ...
  6. Toilet bowl

    Commentary: Some companies target toilet breaks to improve productivity. But it’s wrong and won’t work

    Tilting toilets are the latest suggestion to limit time spent on the loo at work, says Nesta's Madeleine Gabriel.
  7. office meeting room empty work life

    Commentary: When a rude boss keeps you waiting, why not get up and leave?

    If you decide to leave you will gain the satisfaction of preserving your dignity, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  8. stock mobile phone cbd 01

    Commentary: Human capital is highly valued, but HR professionals are not

    HR professionals are viewed as lacking business acumen and being in charge of “office housework”, but technology is changing their role, say two ...
  9. Back backache work sitting computer deskbound

    Commentary: Why bosses should let employees surf the web at work

    Cyberloafing may act as a relief valve for workers, helping them recover from stress, says an expert.
  10. Popular team-building activities The Mango Agency

    Smells like team spirit: 8 team-building activities that won't make your staff cringe

    Forget trust falls. Companies these days are swapping cliched team-building exercises for trendy team-bonding experiences such as art jamming and ...