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  1. U.S. auto part maker Lear Corp. plant safety measures to resume operations during COVID-19, in Ciud

    Workers nervously eye return to Lear's coronavirus-hit plant in Mexico

    Lear Corp is implementing costly safety measures that may hurt productivity at its operations in Mexico after suffering the deadliest known ...
  2. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: Don’t waste Budget money. Here’s how to stretch your SkillsFuture dollars

    Retraining shouldn’t be this painful, so capitalise on the SkillsFuture movement to transform how you work, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: The rise of the digital economy and tech-driven inequality

    Can the tech revolution be an equaliser instead? UNESCAP’s Jonathan Wong thinks so
  4. stock mobile phone cbd 01

    Commentary: Human capital is highly valued, but HR professionals are not

    HR professionals are viewed as lacking business acumen and being in charge of “office housework”, but technology is changing their role, say two ...
  5. Retrenchment numbers in recent years remain relatively low

    The Big Read: Layoffs part and parcel of any business, but not all firms let workers go with dignity

    In the age of disruption where industries could be turned on their heads overnight, it could be said that workers need to be better prepared for ...
  6. Legal contract, office workers, discussion

    Commentary: The four-day work week is necessary. Here's how to make it happen

    Yet sadly, no country stands anywhere close to achieving a 15- or even 30-hour work week in the next 10 years, says University of Leeds' David ...