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  1. Zlatko Dalic talks to his players before extra-time against England

    Croatia coach Dalic chooses the hard path to success

  2. Female football fans from This Fan Girl

    Why are female football fans still victims of sexism in 2018?

    Lots of surprises at this year’s World Cup, but some things never change: Women getting "mansplained" about football. CNA Lifestyle wonders when ...
  3. France and Croatia fans

    A-Z of the 2018 World Cup

  4. World Cup Party Hacks Kutan Ural Unsplash

    World Cup party hacks: How to have people over with minimum fuss

    Your friends are coming over to watch the match but you haven’t done any prep. Don’t worry, CNA Lifestyle has cobbled together some simple tricks ...
  5. World Cup screening at CC

    The Big Read: Forget the Trump-Kim summit, here's what Singapore has been really gearing up for

    Businesses and retailers in Singapore are going all out to lure fans into their establishments as the world cup fever hits.
  6. World Cup delivery food Old Chang Kee McDonalds foodpanda

    Deliveroo, Foodpanda and McDonald's all ready with delivery promos for World Cup

    From local favourites like prata and briyani to international fare like stir-fried la mian and Korean fried chicken, these food delivery services ...
  7. world cup alcohol delivery beer whisky sake wine singapore 2

    Stocking up for a World Cup party at home? Get booze delivered to your doorstep

    It sucks when you’ve run dry by halftime. CNA Lifestyle lists some of the best online options to save the day (or night) for you and your buddies.
  8. New Content Item

    Twitter to show World Cup 2018 highlights, video clips in select SEA markets

    Football fans in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia will get to catch “near real time” highlights and video clips from this year’s World Cup in ...
  9. Gerd Muller scores against England

    World Cup: 5 lesser-known classic matches

  10. 2018 World Cup jersey Croatia Luka Modric Colombia James Rodriguez Nigeria Alex Iwobi

    World Cup 2018: The football jerseys we love to hate

    The world's best footballers will be dressed their best at the most-watched sporting event on the planet. Or not. CNA Lifestyle takes a cheeky ...