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  1. Israeli forces and medics are seen at the scene of a shooting attack near Ramallah in the Israeli-o

    Palestinian gunman kills two, wounds two in West Bank - Israeli medics

    A Palestinian man shot and killed two people and injured two others in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, the head of Israel's ambulance service ...
  2. Forensic experts work near the site of an explosion in the center of the Tunisian capital Tunis

    Woman blows herself up in Tunis, wounding 15 people including 10 police officers

    A 30-year old woman blew herself up in the centre of the Tunisian capital Tunis on Monday, wounding nine people including eight police in what the ...
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    Suicide bombing kills five, wounds 15 in central Afghanistan

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    Bombings kill one, wound 18, in two Iraqi provinces - police

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    Man arrested after seven wounded in Paris knife attack