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    Going digital to overcome volatility

    In an uncertain environment, cloud tools like Xero’s accounting software can help businesses minimise disruption.
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    Championing business resilience for SMEs

    Xero’s cloud-based accounting software aims to help small businesses thrive in the long run.
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    Elevate business resilience with the cloud

    A strong digital foundation is the key to planning for business disruption and beyond
  4. Getting ready to bounce back

    Getting ready to bounce back

    As the Singapore economy begins to reopen, SMEs must position themselves for success in the new normal.
  5. Xero: The super-app and how it helps firms become more efficient

    The super-app and how it can help startups and SMEs improve efficiency and productivity

    Apps are good, but super apps that integrate data and functionality with other online services can help your business tide over this difficult time.
  6. Xero: Minimising disruption in these disruptive times

    Minimising disruption in these disruptive times

    Business continuity planning may not sound sexy, but it’s key to your business running smoothly during a crisis.
  7. Budgeting for digital capabilities

    Budgeting for digital capabilities

    The recent Budget announcement included initiatives to encourage the adoption of digital skills and capabilities. Here’s why digitisation benefits ...
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    Late payments of over S$4 billion owed to Singaporean SMEs in 2018

    Learn how small businesses can avoid them and the pitfalls of a stagnant cashflow.
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    The entrepreneur’s struggle: Cashflow issues

    After having to shutter a company because of cashflow issues, Mr Junxian Lee, co-founder of Moovaz, turned his businesses around using Xero’s ...