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  1. Genevieve Legay

    Macron under fire for lecturing elderly woman hurt at protest

  2. Yellow vest protest

    Macron under fire for lecturing elderly woman hurt at protest

    France's Emmanuel Macron was accused on Monday (Mar 25) of lacking empathy after criticising an elderly "yellow vest" protester who was badly ...
  3. Activist Genevieve Legay was hospitalised after hitting her head in a fall

    Probe opened after elderly 'yellow vest' protester injured

  4. Paris protests

    French soldiers on duty for next 'yellow vest' protest

  5. A Yellow Vest protester

    French government under pressure after 'yellow vest' rampage

  6. France protests

    UN rights head urges probe of force used in 'Yellow Vest' protests

  7. 'Yellow vest' protests began in November in rural areas and spread across the country,

    French 'yellow vests' more prone to conspiracy theories: Survey

    "Yellow vest" protesters are more likely to believe conspiracy theories than other French people, according to a survey published on Monday (Feb 11).
  8. Protesters wearing yellow vests clash with police during a demonstration of the "yellow vests&

    Scuffles break out as 'yellow vests' march in Paris in latest protest

    Scuffles broke out on Saturday as around 7,000 "yellow vest" demonstrators marched through Paris in a 10th consecutive weekend of protests against ...