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  1. The fierce violence that flared over the past year during the protests shocked many in France and

    French police officer faces judge over 'yellow vest' violence

    A French police officer was to appear in court Thursday on charges he hurled a paving stone at protesters during a "yellow vest" rally, the first ...
  2. Yellow vest protesters occupied the glitzy Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris

    French 'yellow vests' shut down top Paris department store

  3. The violence in Paris was the worst in the French capital in months

    'Yellow vest' anniversary protests lead to 254 arrests

    French police arrested 254 people during clashes in Paris and other cities on the first anniversary of the "yellow vest" movement, Interior ...
  4. French police officers protest in Paris

    French police march in Paris for better working conditions

  5. French President Emmanuel Macron meets with Russia's President Vladimir Putin

    Chiding Macron, Putin says 'I don't want yellow vests in Russia'

  6. Employees of the Fouquet's restaurant pose together on the eve of its reopening on the Champs

    Ransacked in 'yellow vest' riot, chic Fouquet's eatery reopens in Paris

    France's famed Le Fouquet's brasserie on the Champs Elysees avenue reopened on Saturday, four months after the chic eatery was ransacked by ...
  7. Paris riot

    Clashes in Paris as tens of thousands mark May Day

  8. Yellow vest protest

    Macron under fire for lecturing elderly woman hurt at protest

    France's Emmanuel Macron was accused on Monday (Mar 25) of lacking empathy after criticising an elderly "yellow vest" protester who was badly ...
  9. 'Yellow vest' protests began in November in rural areas and spread across the country,

    French 'yellow vests' more prone to conspiracy theories: Survey

    "Yellow vest" protesters are more likely to believe conspiracy theories than other French people, according to a survey published on Monday (Feb 11).