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  1. Silent Retreat

    How to regain clarity and focus – by not talking to anyone for a day

    For one writer, a digital detox – by means of a silent retreat – turned out to be the antidote to the strangeness of living in these dystopian times.
  2. Swedish Ambassador Joachim Bergstrom practices yoga near the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang

    Handstands in North Korea: Swedish ambassador takes yoga to streets amid COVID-19 lockdown

    Barefoot and blonde, Swedish Ambassador Joachim Bergstrom makes an unlikely sight in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, as he practices yoga poses ...
  3. Cropped pic of woman doing yoga

    Why do you fart when doing yoga? Should you hold it in until class is over?

    It’s perfectly normal – but if you’re too shy to let it rip, here are some food, drinks and even medicine to “de-gas” before holding that pose.
  4. MO BKK The Oriental Spa Yoga

    It's Global Wellness Day today. Here's what you can do to boost your wellbeing

    Spend the day engaging in wellness activities from around the world, courtesy of a 24-hour livestream by Mandarin Oriental Group.
  5. TFX gym circuit breaker

    Commentary: When gyms finally reopen, can we get rid of toxic gym culture?

    Many of us miss the gym, but let’s not bring back an obsessive culture of aspiring towards an ideal fitness lifestyle. By being kinder to our ...
  6. Different styles of yoga

    How to choose the right style of yoga for your stay-at-home practice

    A starter guide to the different types of yoga so you can pick one that best suits your fitness level and goals.
  7. A person jogging by the water at a reservoir in Singapore

    3 hours of exercise a week may lower your depression risk

    According to a new study, walking, jogging, yoga or any type of exercise may help to ward off depression, even in those with a genetic susceptibility.
  8. Alternative yoga styles

    Dog yoga and burpee vinyasas? 6 alternative yoga styles to try in Singapore

    Sometimes you just need a break from doing sun salutations. From being suspended in hammocks to testing your balance on a longboard, here are some ...
  9. Soldiers with theÊRepublic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) participate in a weeklyÊyoga traini

    Warrior pose: Sierra Leone's soldiers heal trauma with yoga

    Sergeant Felixon Musa stands tall, arms raised in front of a group of 100 Sierra Leonean soldiers, taking them through a yoga routine he thinks is ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: Logo of H&M is seen in a display window of a store in Zurich

    H&M opens new-look small boutique in Berlin, plans more

    H&M opened a boutique-like store in a trendy neighbourhood in Berlin on Friday that offers yoga classes, a cafe with a garden and space for other ...