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  1. Asia Default Image

    Putrajaya debunks viral message on curfew for those below 18

  2. lonely woman looking at phone

    Commentary: Is social media to blame for young people feeling lonelier?

    In a world more connected than before, almost half of young people in the UK report feeling lonely. But don't blame social media, says one observer.
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    The Big Read: Excuse me, are you a hipster? How consumerism and affluence fuelled the rise of a youth subculture

    The rise of a "hipster" culture in Singapore is shaping the country's cultural, physical and consumer landscapes.
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    Commentary: Most successful entrepreneurs are older than we think

    Young founders can make for a dramatic story, but this stereotype of youth's success is a myth, say two observers.
  5. Maliki Osman Parliament

    Singapore youths no longer drawn to 5Cs; they have YOLO mindset: Maliki

    Dr Maliki Osman said the Government must understand the aspirations of millenials because they will inherit and shape the country's future.
  6. Carlos during intervier

    Going from youth crime to sitting on an official youth panel: How Carlos turned his life around

    Carlos had done drugs, and inked his forehead by the time he was 16. Now 23, that version of him is a distant memory.
  7. Syed Saddiq with members of ARMADA, youth wing of PPBM

    As Malaysian elections loom, tussle for youth votes begins

    With youth voters making up a significant proportion of the electorate, Mahathir’s party seems to be winning the battle for young members.