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  1. Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, the live action murder mystery market appeared to have captured the

    Young Chinese escape reality to ask: 'Whodunnit?'

    A scream echoes from behind a black door, while inside a young woman cowers as she hides from an attacker.
  2. Simulated street outreach that Aldrich Jai Kishen (left) can embark on at any hour of the day.

    To help Singapore’s youth at risk, these outreach workers must hit the streets, and fit in

    Through art and music, the workers aim to get youths to express themselves and open up about their problems. But befriending them is the first ...
  3. Ivy Tse CEO Halogen Foundation HERO

    Why this CEO left the corporate world to help transform the lives of youths

    Prior to joining Halogen Foundation Singapore, Ivy Tse never considered a full-time job in the non-profit sector. These days, she finds meaning in ...
  4. Blogs that can cut it have replaced stuffy branding with, say, illustrations or snazzy stock images.

    The rise of personal finance bloggers, out to save financially illiterate millennials

    How do you make personal finance shareable for the Instagram generation? Replace jargon with relatable comics and a conversational tone to ensure ...
  5. Malaysia Penang shoppers face mask COVID-19

    Commentary: Malaysia’s youth face some of the bleakest economic prospects

    As the clouds of economic crisis darken, Malaysia’s 9.5 million strong youth population head into a recession with fairly bleak prospects, says ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: A rainbow flag waves in the wind at the Stonewall National Monument outside the Stonewa

    Survey finds 40 per cent of US LGBTQ youth considered suicide in past year

    Forty percent of young LGBTQ people in the United States say they have seriously considered suicide over the past 12 months, according to a survey ...
  7. A worker prepares mycelium leather to be used for local products at Mycotech Eco Factory in West Ba

    Commentary: COVID-19 will leave more young Indonesians unemployed

    Before the pandemic, Indonesia’s 15 to 24 year old unemployment rate was already the second highest in South East Asia, says an observer.
  8. Lee Ray Sheng and his three managers Ye Anran, Zechary Hoe and Sheila Lim pose for the camera.

    Enough for 30,000 free meals – donations stun NTU undergrads cooking beehoon for the needy

    Since their story was published, Lee Ray Sheng and team have been overwhelmed by generous offers of help in cash, kind and service, which have ...
  9. News conference on the novel coronavirus in Geneva

    WHO's message to youths on COVID-19: 'You are not invincible'

    Coronavirus can sicken or kill young people as well and they must also avoid mingling and spreading it to older and more vulnerable people, the ...