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  1. Fishball noodles in a takeaway container

    Commentary: Here’s what months of food deliveries and takeaways have taught us

    COVID-19 may have undone Singapore’s zero-waste efforts, but it also presents an opportunity to build long-lasting habits, say Project bECOme’s ...
  2. Waste Singapore

    Commentary: Recycling bins are for recyclables, not junk

    IKEA’s move to give 18,000 homes a free recycling bin might help raise awareness, but won’t do anything to improve Singapore’s recycling rate if ...
  3. Zafferano Substainable Chef Emanuele Faggi_HERO

    He puts everything from fish bones to used coffee beans to delicious use

    Zafferano's head chef Emanuele Faggi instils in his team the value of respecting each ingredient – and he's reduced food wastage by 70 per cent.
  4. Sustainable chef Petrina Loh Morsels Hero 3 circles

    You are what you eat, so eat well and responsibly, says chef Petrina Loh

    Morsels’ chef-owner goes over the provenance of her ingredients with a fine-tooth fork, and maintains a zero-waste policy in her kitchen.
  5. The Social Space 1

    Packaging-free stores sprout in Singapore, but will consumers give them the green light?

    More than just "Bring your own bag" (BYOB), some zero-waste stores in Singapore want customers to also bring their own containers and bottles.