Aarushi – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Aarushi – Beyond Reasonable Doubt


Aarushi – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Aarushi - Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Between the Lines

In 2008, Aarushi Talwar, a 14-year-old schoolgirl is found murdered in her bedroom. A day later, the body of the prime suspect - the family’s 45-year-old Nepalese help - is discovered on the terrace of the same flat. Who wanted them dead and why?

5 ½ years later, a Trial Court sentences Aarushi’s parents to life imprisonment. It becomes one of India’s most controversial verdicts. "Aarushi – Beyond Reasonable Doubt" is a 4-part documentary series that reopens the Aarushi Case diaries to separate fact from fiction. The murders. The motive. The media. The murder weapon. The blood on the stairs.

The series draws on the voices of investigators, lawyers, family and friends, crucial witnesses, and journalists who give their versions of truth. It pitches the prosecution against the defence, and the believers against the skeptics. Produced in over more than one year, what emerges is a fascinating story of loss, anger, rivalry, helplessness, justice and retribution.

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