Becoming Human Again

Becoming Human Again


Can a robot help a man regain his humanity amid the COVID-19 pandemic?  When actor Chua Enlai reawakens his quirky robot friend Delbo to accompany him through months of social isolation and anxiety, he begins a zany, soul-searching and insightful journey. As Delbo questions Enlai’s bad or unusual behaviour in the pandemic, Enlai, himself, is forced to confront his human frailties and answer for his selfish antics. 

Through imaginative visual effects and lighthearted comedy, “Becoming Human Again” reflects on a difficult year and opens up serious discussions about human nature.

They recreate behavioral phenomena from pandemic life and lockdown through a series of humorous yet thought-provoking skits. To unpack the truth in these scenes, they call experts to shed light on what makes humans tick or malfunction. Its chapters tackle loneliness, isolation, panic buying, joblessness, overwork, snacking, selfishness and solidarity.

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