Edible Wild

Edible Wild: City Trails is accompanied by a series of 360 webisodes, taking the viewer to the heart of a city’s food culture by hitting some of the best street food hotspots around Southeast Asia.

In each city, we’ll seek out the local favourites and delve into the anthropological stories behind a city’s street food cuisine. Drawing on the immersive qualities of 360 films, the viewer will be drawn right into each city, where we will explore how to eat like the locals.

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Webisode 1 – Tokyo

When you’re a dedicated foodie, a trip to Tokyo cannot be complete without venturing into Tsukiji Fish Market. Take a stroll down the rows of fish stalls in the world’s most famous fish market with Nithiya before it’s gone for good!

Nithiya samples the best the market has to offer with a sushi rice bowl, made right before our eyes, and packed with an assortment of Japanese specialties such as uni, tamago, and of course, tuna.

Webisode 2 – Seoul

Nithiya takes us to the bustling streets of the Myeongdong market. Despite this and being one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world, Myeongdong offers an array of cheap and great tasting street food. This trendy shopping district, where some 2 million people visit per day, is also where Korean street food trends are created.

Today, Nithiya is on the hunt for one particular Korean street food the whole world cannot get enough of: KFC, or Korean Fried Chicken. On her search, Nithiya talks us through a range of other Korean specialties that catch the eye as we walk down the streets of Myeongdong.

Webisode 3 – Taipei

Tonight, we’re in Ningxia, the foodie hotspot of Taipei. It’s packed with people looking for the best bite to eat, and we’re here to join them. As we pass the never-ending rows of colorful stalls, many dishes will look familiar to Singapore, but with their particular Taiwanese twists. Nithiya demonstrates this by trying Taipei’s close relative of the popiah.

Webisode 4 – Busan

Prepare for a seafood adventure as we venture through Jagalchi, the largest seafood market in all Korea. Sprawling as far as we can see over both an indoor and outdoor setting, this market features a huge variety of live and prepared seafood, such as the distinctively Korean sea pineapple.

Inside the market, one of the famous Jagalchi Ajumma, or the women running the stalls, takes us under her wing. Watch as she fishes out, kills and prepares a live octopus right before out eyes. Then try and look away as Nithiya, guided by our personal Ajumma, tucks into the still-squirming plate of octopus tentacles.

Webisode 5 – Bangkok

Bangkok is perfectly positioned for a culinary anthropologists paradise. The trade routes, surrounding countries and long history of vibrant seafood makes the Bangkok markets a great place to taste the unique flavours of Thailand.

Nithiya takes us around a quintessential Bangkok food market, picking out some of her favourite Bangkok dishes such as grilled fish and Thai chendol. And of course, no trip to Thailand is complete without a taste of Thai Milk Tea!

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