The Family Affair S1

The Family Affair S1

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The concept of the family is often intrinsically linked to the fundamental trait of being Asian. In fact, some research has even proposed that the Asian family is “an individual’s religious, economic, political, and social core”. But how much of this still holds true today? 

Set in the world’s fastest growing region, Asian families are changing along with the economic landscape. In some, gender roles have been reversed. In others, societal needs have had an impact.  Yet, in all parts of the region, the need to hold on to the family as the core of the Asian existence continues amidst this struggle.

In a world’s first, we bring our cameras into the homes of four families across the Asian region, and record the five families through the course of 2 weeks.  We witness their conversations, their struggles, their aspirations, their conflicts – all in the name of maintaining the family core.