Inside the Storm 3

Inside the Storm 3

Inside The Storm 3

Inside the Storm 3

How Philips Reinvented Itself for the digital age

Between the Lines

Big businesses rise and fall every day. Inside the Storm: Back from the Brink, is a documentary series that follows the lifecycle of four of the biggest industry players, revealing intimate details on how these major companies were run, and their survival techniques when they nearly fell into the depths.

Supplemented by interviews from industry players and professionals from around the world, this series documents how these business titans survived despite the odds and turbulence hitting them where it matters. Marvel: breaking into the film industry saved the comics publishing giant; Olympus: Japan's largest optical company overcame one of the largest accounting scandal; Philips: innovating out-of-the-box ensured the survival of this technology giant; and Nissan: the iconic Japanese car brand saved by one of the most charismatic and loved CEOs in Asia.

Watch insider testaments to the dealings that transformed industries and prevented these giants from the fall of their businesses.

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