Stations and bus stops become a square box of sugoroku (Part 2)

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Stations and bus stops become a square box of sugoroku (Part 2)

On the second day, after crossing paths with the men’s team at Kawaguchi-ko Station, the women travel by train to Mt. Fuji Station. The men, meanwhile, move on Yakuba-iriguchi Station. At Mt. Fuji Station, the women find out their first mission of the day – eating roasted apples with homemade butter. However, their destination is 3.9km away from the station. So they walk for an hour to Fujisan Farm, where visitors can also enjoy horse riding and sheep shearing. The women have to try their hand at milking first. The milk is then poured into a container in order to be made into butter. The process takes about 15-20 minutes. Later, the women sprinkle the freshly-made butter on top of a piece of roasted apple. After completing their task, their next stop is Fuki-kyu Highland Station.

As for the men, at Yakuba-iriguchi Station, they receive their first mission of the day, which is to eat delicious hot pot at a forest restaurant. The restaurant is run by a chef who used to work at a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. The chicken hot pot comes with lots of yellow garlic chives and is so popular that it attracts visitors from other areas. The men’s next task is to travel by Retro bus to the Nature Living Centre, before walking to Nagahama.

At Fuji-kyu Highland, the women are tasked to view Mt. Fuji from a roller coaster called the Red Tower. After completing their mission, much to their dismay, the women have to return to Kawaguchi-ko Station, for the third time!

Meanwhile, from the Nature Living Centre, the men walk for 4.7km to Nagahama. It takes them 1.5 hours to reach Nagahama, where they realise their mission is walk back to the Nature Living Centre, before making their way to Nagahama again by foot. After doing so and arriving at Nagahama for the second time, about three hours have passed and it’s dark. So they are unable to do their next challenge at Country Lake Systems and their day ends here.

From Kawaguchi-ko Station, the women’s team has to move three stops forward to a cable car station – a place they’ve been to the previous day. Now their mission is to travel by cable car to Kachi-kachi yama. The ride to the top of the mountain, which is 1075m high, takes three minutes. Once they reach the peak, the women go to an observation deck to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

On the third day, the women travel across the Kawaguchi Lake by sightseeing boat to Kawaguchi-ko. At the station, they find out their next mission is to soak in an outdoor hot spring bath at Lakeland Hotel Mizuno-sato. This open-air bath features alkaline water and also boasts a splendid view of Mt. Fuji and other mountains. After this, the women move one stop ahead to Araya.

On the other hand, the men start their third day at Country Lake Systems, where their challenge is to “run wild in the forest” using an eight-wheeled buggy. Then, they have to go to Nakamichi Iriguchi Station. Their challenge now is to “fly in the sky”. So they make their way to an airport for hang gliders. After completing their mission, the men head to Asahigaoka before finally making their way to the goal of this sugoroku trip, Yamanaka Lake.

At Araya, the women have to catch masu fish with their hands. They head to a fish pond, don long boots and gloves and manage to catch the fish. So they can move three stops ahead to Hanano-miyako Kouen Station by bus. However, they have to go back one stop by bus and eat a large bowl of udon at a restaurant. The weight of the noodles is 620g, three times bigger than a normal portion. After finishing the large portion of udon, the women return to the bus stop. They go to Hanano Miyako Park Station and move ahead to Fuji Yamanaka-ko.

The women’s next task is to go to the 1,000-year-old Yamanaka-suwa Shrine. They pray before visiting a sacred tree which is also 1,000 years old. Next, the women have to go to Asahigaoka, where their last mission is to drink three types of Mt. Fuji beverages. After this, the women rush to the final destination Yamanaka Lake. They think they have won the three-day race, but their happiness is short-lived when they see the men, who reached the goal 1.5 hours ago! So the women have to pay for the total expenses incurred by the men’s team, amounting to 49,420 yen (S$606).


1) You can enjoy horse riding, sheep shearing and even try making butter at the Fujisan Farm

2) The open-air bath at Lakeland Hotel Mizuno-sato boasts a splendid view of the mountains

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