Travel by local buses from Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture - Part 1

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Travel by local buses from Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture - Part 1

After this, take a bus to Hokubu Shijo Higashi and transfer buses to go to Komaki. Since there are no railways in Toyoyama Town, many people use the community bus. So don’t be too surprised if you see passengers actually sitting on cushions on the floor when the bus seats are all occupied! Alight at Komaki City Hall and take another bus to Komaki Station. There are several bus stops at the back of the station. The next destination is Gifu, towards the north of Komaki. However, there are no direct buses going to Gifu from Komaki. But fret not, take a bus to Iwakura Station first. At the station, use the underpass to reach the west gate and then take a local bus to Owari Ichinomiya. Before taking a bus to Kawashima, find some time to try the delicious curry namban gyudon at a shop nearby.

The local Meitesu bus takes about 25 minutes to reach Kawashima. After crossing a bridge, you will finally enter Gifu Prefecture. At Kawashima, check the bus schedule and if you have enough time, visit the Eizai Medicine Museum. It boasts a huge garden of various herbs. Later, from Kawashima, travel by local bus to Gifu Station. Then, go to Mino City and then to Horado Kurihara Garage. Unfortunately, there is no direct local bus from Horado to the next goal of Gujo. So the alternative is to travel by the city community bus from Horado to Itadori.

Once you arrive at Itadori, alight at the Welfare Center bus stop, located before the Taraga Tunnel. This tunnel, which spans over 4km, leads to Gujo Hachiman. There is a bus stop called Urura after the tunnel. However, if it is too late, spend the night at the Shinmei hot spring hotel in Itadori. You can get the hotel staff to pick you up from the bus stop. The Shinmei inn is simple but has cosy rooms equipped with kotatsu-heater tables. Before dinner, soak in the hotel’s hot spring bath to soothe your aching muscles.

On the second day of this local bus trip, wake up bright and early. Take a local bus to the Welfare Center bus stop. It is 20 minutes away from the hot spring inn. After this, walk for about an hour through the tunnel to reach the Urura bus stop after the tunnel. From the bus stop, take a 30-minute bus ride to Gujo Hachiman. To move north from here, travel by bus for 45 minutes to Mino Shirotori. Then, transfer buses to head to Makido, which is an hour away.

Before heading to the next destination of Takayama, explore Makido. Walk in the peaceful countryside, where you will see several brown wheat fields. Look out for a huge five-wheel water mill. After this, board a bus heading towards Takayama. The journey takes slightly over an hour.


1) Always make contingency plans in case you miss your bus or there is no direct bus to your destination

2) If there is no information centre at the terminal or station, you can consult the bus or train drivers instead

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