Local Bus Journey to Kyoto (Part 2)

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Local Bus Journey to Kyoto


Japan Hour (Synopsis Only):

Local Bus Journey to Kyoto (Part 2)

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We continue travelling by local buses from Kintai Bridge in Yamaguchi Prefecture to Amanohashidate in Kyoto. On the morning of the third day, we first head to the information centre in Okayama.

We spend quite some time discussing the various options and routes from here before finally deciding to take the 10am bus heading north to the Tsuyama Bus Centre, which is 1.5 hours away. Our next destination is Maguwa, near the prefectural border, and the bus only departs from Tsuyama two hours later at 1.25pm.

In the meantime, we go to a nearby place to eat grilled pig innards and noodles. After our meal, we board the bus to Maguwa. We reach at 2.40pm and then have to climb up a tough mountain pass. We also walk across a huge spiral bridge which is 40m high and 180m long. Later, after going through a tunnel, we have to walk downslope. We finally cross the border, enter Tottori Prefecture and continue walking downhill.

We arrive at Nagi at nearly 5pm, after walking for more than two hours from Maguwa. We then hop on the local Sugikko Bus which leaves for Chizu at 5.05pm. The bus reaches Chizu Station after 15 minutes; we make it in time to catch the last bus to our next stop, Tottori Station. We arrive at Tottori at 6.15pm and then make our way to Iwai Onsen by the 7.30pm bus. It is an hour away from Tottori Station. As it is quite late, we choose to stay overnight at a hotel in Iwai Onsen.

On the fourth and last day of this local bus trip, we travel by bus from Tottori, cross the border and alight at the famous hot spring resort of Yumura Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture. There is no direct bus to Kyoto from here, so we have go to Yooka first. We have missed the 10am bus so have to take the next bus, which only leaves at 1.15pm. We make use of the time in between to try some hot spring eggs at Yumura Onsen.

Later, from Yooka, we have to cross the prefectural border by foot before taking the 2.50pm bus to Izushi. From Izushi, we catch the 3.25pm bus to Nakafuji, after which we walk for 5km through the mountain pass to Kyoto. We enter Kyoto at 5.15pm and later take the bus at 6.30pm to Yosanoumi Hospital, which is half an hour away. At 7pm, we board the final bus of this four-day journey and reach our goal of Amanohashidate at 7.40pm. At the end of four days, we have travelled by 30 buses from Kintai Bridge to Amanohashidate.


1) Do a bit of sightseeing or grab a quick bite in between bus transfers
2) Some hot spring towns allow you to buy and cook onsen eggs for yourself

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